The cover of the April 2008 edition of Comic Gum makes the announcement that Ikkitousen will be returning in a third series, entitled “Great Guardians”! Moon Phase Diary brings details regarding the anime staff and cast, which seem nearly identical to that of the second season (Dragon Destiny); the official anime site is scheduled for an update on February 25th to reflect the news, and the series is scheduled to air on TV this summer. April ’08 Comic Gum cover image and inner magazine scoop below:

april_2008_comic_gum.jpg ikkitousen_great_guardians_details.jpg

This puts a crimp in the theory that we’d be seeing a Sekirei anime from this team sometime soon; I’m still holding out hopes that Media Factory will put the Genshiken staff to work on Sekirei, but we’ll be watching for firm news either way come the middle of March.

Oh and looking at the ad – Ryofu is back?! New anime original character?! Things could get interesting here…