More news from the pre-Wonder Festival prep room this evening, coming in from all sides as vendors make their last few bids to build hype prior to the event on Sunday. Griffon and R-Line both represent with color versions of the resin kits they’ll be selling, while Kaiyodo chimes in with a Revoltech teaser and Yamato lays down their display item list. Cospa redefines the meaning of the “Polo” shirt, Daiki coughs up a riskier version of their Kenshi-san PVC – and Inoue Takuya draws Al Ajif? … yeah, I didn’t know that was possible either. Read on for details:

rline_echidna_resin.jpg griffon_haradaya_saber.jpg

Color images of the resin offerings from Griffon and R-Line are now online at their respective pages, including the Haradaya-designed Saber kit from Griffon and R-Line’s castoffable Queen’s Blade Echidna. The Echidna image above is from Hobby Channel’s coverage.


The official Kaiyodo Revoltech blog was updated with a teaser montage of what they’ll have on display at Wonder Festival, with several intriguing glimpses of what look like an ahoge (hair tendril), something unquestionably Moyashimon, a bunch of robots, and some items of incredibly mysterious origin indeed. The anticipation is building…


Yamato has provided a list of what they’ll have on display at the event along with approximate sales dates for many of their new items, including an alternate color version of their Pretty Cats Show Time Lesson B, Nasubi-sama from Okama’s Food Girls artbook, the Noyamano Ringo and Yuria 100-shiki we saw at WHF Ariake 17, two additional variants of their Doubutsu Nee-chan Inu, a new Creators’ Labo item they’re calling “Kinsetsu Shien Maid Sango-chan”, Motoko Kusanagi and Ryomou Shimei action figures, and a 50-cm tall Lynn Minmay.


Those tired of the standard Polo shirt will have the option of purchasing a POLO (system) shirt at Wonder Festival, courtesy of the demented folks at Cospa. A great gift idea for the 1/1 scale, perfect grade girl or guy in your life who you’ve just been itching to cast off! …did Max Factory really approve this?


Daiki Kougyou will be selling a 200-unit limited edition “clear” version of their Kenshi-san PVC [PA] at the event, according to Hobby Channel. She’ll go for 7,000 yen even, with similar specifications to the original kit (beyond the translucent skirt and top).

Other misc. updates from:

  • Nitro+ will be spotlighting upcoming TV anime Blassreiter at the event. All signs point to it being a terrible show, but the Niθ designs compel me to watch
  • Wave will be at Wonder Festival, and their event page has a list of everything that will be on display – not much of a teaser beyond the character names, so we’ll wait for visual evidence on these


In late breaking news from Orchid Seed this evening, they’ve announced that they’ll have a new project on display at the event that’s a match made in bizarro world – Inoue Takuya, master of bust and hip, has rendered a version of the lolilicious Al Ajif from Demonbane, which is being sculpted into some sort of figure. Either this is an adult version of Al, or Inoue is going to show us something entirely unprecedented… either way, my interest is definitely piqued.

More news from Wonder Festival as it happens!