A bonanza of figure news today, including word on new CC and Rena prize figures from Geass and Higurashi, a 1/4 scale Mylene Hoffman PVC from Daiki Kougyou, a pair of new Ikkitousen girls from Griffon (along with Disgaea’s Rosalind), new information on Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Fraeulein Idolmaster Amami Haruka, Queen’s Blade Cattleya uncensored, new QB trading figures from Medicos, a limited alternate color Sekirei series from Ganbo, new looks at a couple of figures in Orchid Seed’s lineup, and more!

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GA Graphic reports that prize figures are in production of Rena from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and C.C. from Code Geass. Rena is due out in September and CC in late August; both are roughly 14 cm tall and “open price” (as prize figures they’re not officially supposed to be sold, but shops order them anyway and set their prices freely).


Amiami opened preorders yesterday for a 1/4 scale Mylene Hoffman PVC from Daiki Kougyou and 009-1. The sculpt is based on a Kiyama Naotake garage kit that came out at Wonder Festival 2007 summer, and at 22 cm tall only depicts Mylene from the hips up; the figure is due out in late may at 9,660 yen retail.


Two new PVC Ikkitousen figures have been announced from Griffon: a suntanned version of their Ryofu Housen (private ver.), and a Ryomou Shimei (maid ver.). Both are now up for preorder at Amiami as well, though the Ryomou maid has no pictures yet; Ryofu goes on sale in April at 1/7 scale, 16.5 cm tall and 6,500 yen while Ryomou is due out in May at 1/7 scale (22.5 cm tall) and 6,825 yen retail.


In other news from Griffon, they’ve announced a Rosalind PVC from Disgaea. She’s due out in April at 5,880 yen retail, non-scale with a sculpt from Fio.


Due for release on February 19th, the 4th issue of Dengeki Figure Hobby Otome-gumi includes a scoop on the the new Revoltech Fraeulein Idolmaster Amami Haruka action figure. We scooped her back following the Revoltech matsuri last year, but this confirms her production status – probably set for release in May.


Akiba Hobby represented last night with a fully uncensored Megahouse Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Blade Cattleya review. I don’t know why they bother censoring these things to begin with, but it’s refreshing to see a Japanese blogger step out of the box and violate this particularly stupid taboo. Warning: don’t click if you find the sight of incredibly large plastic breasts or incredibly small plastic penises offensive.


In other Queen’s Blade figure news, Medicos has announced on their blog that following the release of their first round of Queen’s Blade trading figures on the 15th of this month two subsequent rounds of QB figures will be coming in October or November of 08, and April or May of 09. Given how long the current project was in the works these seem like very tentative dates indeed, but certainly something to look forward to for all us QB figure fans.


Online shop Ganbo Store has a special page online for their limited edition alternate color Sekirei figure lineup, which includes repaints of Movic’s Matsu, Tsukiumi, and Musubi (race queen ver.) PVCs. The Matsu is currently on sale and shipping, with Tsukiumi released on February 29th and Musubi up for preorder on March 7th; all three retail at 6,090 yen and are being produced in lots of 1,000.

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GA Graphic presents looks at two figures currently in the Orchid Seed pipeline, their Mabinogi Nao and Ma ga Ochiru Yoru Sherrice. Nao is due out in April at 7,400 yen, 1/7 scale and 26 cm tall with two changes of clothing per color version, while Sherrice is due out at 7,800 yen, 1/8 scale (20 cm tall), castoffable and with a variety of option parts. Both are available for preorder at Play Asia right now, if you’d like to support HD with your purchase:


In Wonder Festival news, Griffon’s R-Line division has updated their event page with information on the full lineup of what they’ll have for sale and on display at the event: They’re selling 100 copies each of a pair of china dress Ryomou Shimei and Kanu Unchou resin kits, 50 copies of a Queen’s Blade Echidna resin kit, 50 copies of an Ikkitousen Teni resin kit, 30 copies of the resin version of their recently announced Reina hybrid kit, 500 copies of an alternate color version of their DX Kanu PVC, 300 copies of an alternate color version of their china dress Kanu PVC, and a display only copy of their Tomoe resin kit.

Play-Asia’s figure blowout continues!


Those who read yesterday’s Mainichi Junk post will know there’s a “Year of the Rat” sale going on over at Play-Asia, and they’ve got a lot of great figure deals on offer – many for items we’ve reviewed at HD in the past. The full list of discounted figures can be found here:

All Bargain Figures

Some of the more noteworthy discount items include:

Play-Asia discount figures Play-Asia discount figures Play-Asia discount figures Play-Asia discount figures Play-Asia discount figures Play-Asia discount figures Play-Asia discount figures

Due to a foolish clerical error on my part finances are currently rather tight, so anything you choose to buy through an HD affiliate over the next few days will go directly to fund train fare to Wonder Festival next weekend, and to server fees from being Kotakudotted yesterday (thanks bashcraft!).

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