A roundup of figure news from this past weekend, including word that To Love-Ru’s Sairenji Haruna is coming from Shueisha, a look inside the Goodsmile offices in the lead up to Wonder Festival, samples of the Konami Gurren Lagann trading figure set due out in March, a castoff look at Griffon’s Reina mixed-media figure and Aoshima’s Yamashita Shunya-designed Funny Knights Petra, Alpha Omega’s Code Geass Karen castoff scoop, and Movic’s Wanfesu lineup.


The fourth entry in the Shueisha Solid Selection figure series has been revealed as Sairenji Haruna from To Love-Ru, according to her recently posted product description / preorder entry. The figure is scheduled to retail on July 24th, with a sculpt from Sakurazaka Miki (Cherry Blossom), and production by Piccolo. She’s 20 cm tall (base included, ~1/8 scale) with a retail price of 5,000 yen. This is no doubt timed to ride the wave of publicity that will come with the manga’s TV adaptation this spring.


The official Goodsmile blog posted a rare image of the Goodsmile production staff hard at work in their office, aiming for Wonder Festival! With less than two weeks before the event, odds are good that they’re putting the finishing touches on display resins they’ll be showcasing at the event. We’ll be bringing our typical coverage leading up to the 24th and beyond, so stay tuned!


Gainax has posted a preview of the Gurren Lagann trading figure set they’ll have available for advance sale at Wonder Festival. It consists of Simon, Kamina, and Yoko, a selection of three from the full Konami set [PA] that’s due out on March 27th (the full set also includes Nia, Gurren Lagann, and a rare Yoko). I’d say they’re looking decent, though Simon’s black eyeliner makes him look a bit odd…

griffon_reina1.jpg petra_castoff.jpg

Ascii.jp has posted a look at both the recently announced Griffon Reina hybrid finished kit from Queen’s Blade and Aoshima’s Funny Nights series Yamashita Shunya designed Petra [PA] (links to the six pages of the article at the bottom of the page). While censored, they give us a decent look at what both look like cast off.


Moeyo confirms our earlier suspicion that Alpha Omega’s Karen PVC [PA] from Code Geass is a bottom castoff option. Not only that – stripes! Unfortunately it seems Moeyo is currently down, but the scoop should resurface soon enough. Karen is due out later this month.

wanfesu_cocona.jpg wanfesu_matsu.jpg wanfesu_musubi.jpg

Movic’s Wonder Festival lineup is now available for order via what they’re calling “preorder tickets”. The way it works is that it’s basically a chance to have your copy of the item secured in advance – you place the preorder, and if you’re lucky they’ll send you a ticket you can use to claim a place in line at the Movic booth at the event. They’re only using this preorder system for a certain portion of the overall stock, so even if you don’t get one standing in line should still do the trick. To recap, the three items available at the event are: an alternate color, bare-chested Cocona (HD review), an alternate color Matsu (HD review), and an alternate color Race Queen Musubi [Play Asia].

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