We round out the week’s figure news with word of a Nendoroid Melissa Serafi (Seraphy?) from Goodsmile, the reissue of last year’s Jukujo Kazumi polystone from Toys Planning, a new Portrait of Pirates Nami PVC from Megahouse, preorders open for Gigapulse’s Koihime Musou Kanu and Goodsmile’s Suzumiya Haruhi Nendoroid Petit series 2, and introductory pages up at Kotobukiya for their Plamo wo Tsukuro! CUSTOM Airu (Aile) as well as the Art of Shunya Yamashita Noel and Karin.

Nendoroid Melissa Serafi (Seraphy) from Goodsmile and Waga Mama Capriccio

Goodsmile put up an official page on their site today for a Nendoroid Melissa Serafi (Seraphy) from Unisonshift eroge Waga Mama Capriccio. She’s scheduled for release in June at 3,500 yen (10 cm tall, non-scale), and comes with detachable pumpkin, two arm configurations, and three exchangeable faces. Preorders are already open for the figure at Amiami and elsewhere.

Sister Harlot designed, Kazeno Daichi sculpted Jukujo Kazumi polystone figure from Toys Planning

Originally released in May of 2007, Toys Planning announced that they’ll be reissuing the sister harlot designed, Kazeno Daichi sculpted Jukujo Kazumi. She’s an original polystone figure that clocks in at 15 cm tall (approx. 1/6 scale), and is castoffable down to nothing but her panties and a can of “Asavi” beer. The reissue is due out in May, at 8,800 yen – not so unreasonable, given recently inflated PVC prices. A Moeyo review of the original release can be found here, and uncensored images are up at Kazeno Daichi’s homepage.

Excellent Model Portrait of Pirates One Piece Series NEO-4 Nami ver. 2 PVC figure from Megahouse

According to Amiami, Excellent Model Portrait of Pirates One Piece Series NEO-4 Nami ver. 2 is scheduled for release from Megahouse in May, and is now in preorder. Details in the listing are scant, but if past form holds she’s 1/8 scale, 18-20 cm tall, and due out at the nice price of 4,200 yen.

Gigapulse's Kanu PVC from BaseSon's Koihime Musou eroge

Gigapulse’s Kanu PVC from Koihime Musou, scooped recently here, is now available for preorder. Release is expected in June at 6,825 yen and 1/8 scale; further details are available in the initial scoop.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Nendoroid Petit series 2 from Goodsmile

The Suzumiya Haruhi Petit Nendoroid 2nd series is now available for preorder. Like other Petit Nendoroid sets this one is being sold in a box of 12, consisting of 5 characters x 2 pattern variations + 1 secret and one extra; individual units are 500 yen, meaning 6,000 for the box. Release is scheduled for May. The set includes Haruhi (vacation ver.), Yuki (reading ver.), Mikuru (maid ver.), Asakura, and Kyon’s sister.

Niθ designed garage kit Aile (Airu) from Kotobukiya and Plamo wo Tsukurou! CUSTOM TV program Kotobukiya's Art of Yamashita Shunya Karin polystone figureKotobukiya's Art of Yamashita Shunya Noel polystone figure

Kotobukiya has an official product page up for their Niθ designed Plamo wo Tsukurou! CUSTOM Airu (Aile) kit that we’ve been tracking for the past few months. Contrary to hopes it seems she’s currently limited to unpainted, unassembled resin kit status, and will go up for sale at 12,000 yen per kit – possibly at Wonder Festival? We’ll be watching for more news on this. In other news from Kotobukiya, official pages are now up for the Art of Yamashita Shunya Karin and Noel cold casts that went up for preorder last month, offering the most detailed look yet at these two delicious items.