A rundown of 2D character news from the various corners of the ‘net as collected over the past week, including the world’s first lactating hug pillow (real milk not included), a Kotonoha contoured breast mousepad from School Days with an expression on her face that will drive you to drink, a “photo book” featuring Gurren Lagann’s Yoko, pictures of the Kousaka Tamaki mousepad coming with Dengeki G’s Festival Deluxe vol. 2, the March hug pillow lineup from Machi Chara (features Clannad and Touka Gettan), and a set of simulated bubble wrap toys that intersperse popping sounds with moe character voices provided by Kugimiya Rie.

Chara@ Kouhou Saya

Character goods maker Chara@ unveiled what they’re advertising as “the world’s first lactating hug pillow” several days ago, featuring Kouhou Saya from Bishop’s recently released eroge Mekyoushi 2. The pillow features two original illustrations from game character designer Kagami, is 50 x 160 cm in size and retails at 12,000 yen (case only). The item will be produced in numbers equal to the amount of preorders received by the cutoff date of February 20th, and is scheduled to ship in late March.

Gurren Lagann Yoko artbook (character photo collection)

Gurren Lagann’s Yoko will “drill into your heart” in this artbook released last week, entitled the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Yoko Photo Collection and patterned after gravure idol books of similar composition. Features a majority of original art of the well-endowed heroine in all sorts of improbable costumes and situations, as well as screencaps from the show. A4-size, full color, 63 pages according to its Amazon listing, 1,890 yen retail. Also available internationally from Mangaoh and bk1.

Kotonoha contoured breast (oppai) mousepad from School Days

A Kotonoha contoured breast mousepad (“oppai mousepad”) from School Days is now up for preorder and scheduled for release from Avex Marketing in late March. It retails at 3,675 yen, with a width of 24.5 cm, length of 29.5 cm, and depth of 4 cm. As an added bonus, the expression on her face will make you want to jump off a bridge! The mousepad is currently available for preorder internationally from Hobby Search.

photo of the production model Kousaka Tamaki contoured breast mousepad to be included with Dengeki G's Festival Deluxe vol. 2

A sample of the Kousaka Tamaki contoured mousepad included with the second volume of Dengeki G’s Festival Deluxe was put on display over at the official Dengeki blog a few days ago, and it’s looking quite nice. :3 Scroll down at the Dengeki posting for side and low-angle views. As a reminder, the magazine is due out on February 21st, though it’s selling out in preorder fast so I’d advise hunting up a copy ASAP for those interested.

Nagisa pillow from Clannad Tomoyo pillow from Clannad Anzu pillow from Clannad Momoka pillow from Touka Gettan Touka pillow from Touka Gettan

Machi Chara has announced their late March pillow lineup, which includes three Clannad “mini mini makura” and two full dakimakura pillowcases from Touka Gettan. Clannad characters featured are Nagisa, Tomoyo, and Anzu; all three retail at 2,415 yen and come pre-stuffed at 40 x 12 cm in size. The Touka Gettan pillows feature Kawakabe Momoka and Kamiazuma Touka respectively, and both are double-sided, feature original illustrations, and retail at 10,500 yen and 150 x 50 cm in size. International sales can be found at Hobby Search.

Puchimoe imitation bubble wrap sound toys, contain moe characters voiced by Kugimiya Rie

Hobby Channel has scooped the coming release of a set of Puchimoe Puchi-Puchi “bubble wrap” sound-generating toys. Produced by Bandai Toys and due out on March 8th, these handheld noisemakers both mimic the sound of popping bubble wrap and now include the voices of four “moe”-themed characters, who upon pressing the buttons on the pad will occasionally come out with a line appropriate for their character (a little sister, a maid, a tsundere, and a childhood friend). The gimmicks that make this different from the earlier released moe sound drops include the fact that the lines are delivered only occasionally, there are some super-rare lines that only come out occasionally, and if you stop pressing the buttons for a little while the girls will ask you to continue. Further information is available here; whether the price of 819 yen includes all four units or just one is unknown. For the morbidly curious, Bandai has put up fake blogs and character info pages for the four characters here.

The voice for all four characters is provided by Kugimiya Rie.