A roundup of figure news from the past few days, including a Dark Sakura figure from Solid Theater, a Nanoha figure from Goodsmile, the Niθ / Kotobukiya figure collaboration project in color, a Maaryan / Sasara combination from Taki Corporation, reissues of FREEing’s bunny girl Nagato and Tsuruya-san, and new Otomedius and Bemani prize figures from Konami.

Solid Theater's Dark Sakura PVC figure from Fate / stay night

Akiba Blog posted a column on the 2nd from the folks at Solid Theater scooping the production of a Dark Sakura PVC from Fate / stay night. The sculpt is from Toda Satoshi of Yume no Kagutsuchi no Koukoku. More information will be available at Wonder Festival on the 24th.

the Niθ designed Kotobukiya produced original Airu PVC figure as designed on the Plamo wo Tsukurou! CUSTOM TV show

Following up on a scoop from Hobby Japan a few months ago, the official Kotobukiya blog has posted color pictures of the Niθ / Kotobukiya collaboration figure “Airu” being produced for the Plamo wo Tsukurou! CUSTOM TV show. The figure will be on display at Wonder Festival, along with release details, hopefully.

Goodsmile's Nanoha (age 19 version) PVC figure from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Word is in from the official Goodsmile blog that they’re planning to produce a Nanoha (19 year old ver.) PVC figure from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. Further details regarding the release are expected to appear on the blog within the next few days.

Taki Corporation's Maaryan-sempai PVC (OVA jacket ver.) figure from To Heart 2 Taki Corporation's Kusugawa Sasara PVC (OVA jacket ver.) figure from To Heart 2 To Heart 2 OVA vol. 3 jacket illustration

Taki Corporation has announced the next two figures in its To Heart 2 series, Maaryan-senpai and Kusugawa Sasara. They’re based on the jacket illustration of the third volume of the To Heart 2 OVA, and each is fully castoffable; they’re both expected to retail in late March at 9,240 yen retail and ~1/7 scale (Maaryan is 20 cm tall, with Sasara at 25 cm).

FREEing's 1/5 scale Nagato Yuki PVC figure (bunny girl ver.) from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu FREEing's 1/5 scale Tsuruya-san PVC figure (bunny girl ver.) from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

Word is in from Goodsmile that FREEing’s Nagato Yuki and Tsuruya-san bunny girl PVCs will both be reissued come this May. This should provide an opportunity for those who missed their first release round to pick them up; many stores have listed them as available for preorder again already.

Finally, Konami has product pages up for two new prize figure sets: Beatmania IIDX vol. 3 and Otomedius vol. 2, both based on Konami arcade game properties (rhythm game Beatmania IIDX and shoot-’em-up Otomedius respectively). The latter is designed by Yoshizaki Mine and has become a popular subject for doujinshi in the past few months; it seems likely we can expect more figure action from the franchise in the future. Release information for both prize sets is currently unknown, but should be made available soon.