New figure information from last night and today, including preorder listings for an alternate color version of Chono Gate’s Mylene Hoffman, a Suzumiya Haruhi Pinky St. figure, the Yamashita Shunya designed Revoltech Fraeulein Pocco action figure (though she’s been up at Play Asia for awhile now), Griffon’s mixed media Reina figure from Queen’s Blade, and Orchid Seed’s Metis from Persona 3. Also scooped is a new Gigapulse Figure, Kanu from Koihime Musou – this just might be their best figure to date, so check it out. :3

New Preorders

Chrono Gate's Mylene Hoffman (pink and blond ver.) PVC from 009-1

Vance Project's Pinky St. Suzumiya Haruhi customizable figure from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

  • March ’08 release
  • Non scale
  • 1,680 yen retail
  • Parts included: two bodies, bunny ears, megaphone, mic

Kaiyodo's Revoltech Fraeulein Pocco action figure - Yamashita Shunya original design

  • April 1st ’08 release
  • Non scale
  • 2,600 yen retail
  • Parts included: four hand configurations, sword, display base
  • Revolver joints: 10
  • Points of articulation: 20

Griffon's R-Line Reina resin/cold cast/PVC hybrid figure from Queen's Blade

  • April ’08 release
  • 1/6 scale, 28.5 cm tall
  • 16,590 yen retail
  • Sculpt by Ikeda Ryouichi

Griffon's R-Line Reina resin/cold cast/PVC hybrid figure from Queen's Blade

New Announcements

Gigapulse's Kanu PVC from Koihime Musou

Gigapulse put up a page on their official site today for an [ERO] Kanu PVC from BaseSon’s eroge Koihime Musou. It’s 1/8 scale, sculpted by “Hormone Man” (ホルモンまん, no information on this sculptor), and features an original design from the game’s character artist Katagiri Hinata. She’s scheduled for release in June at 6,825 yen, and comes with a removable skirt part as well as removable “woman juice”. -_-;;

Despite the silly gimmick, I’m really liking the look of this figure and it may well be the first Gigapulse item I pick up. I wonder whether they felt pressured to announce it now due to the recent preorder opening of Pleasant Angels’ Koihime Musou kit