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Mainichi Junk: February 29th, 2008

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It’s been a long and busy week, and it’s nice to have it finally over. I’m planning to use the weekend to recuperate a bit, clean the place up and martial forces to move ahead into the new month. There aren’t any major events planned for March (until the big eroge release weekend at the end), so it will likely act as a staging ground for April and especially May in terms of event reporting. Otherwise it should be a good opportunity to catch up on some of the more reflective writing I’ve been meaning to do, or at least write a bunch more Mainichi posts about how I’d love to catch up on all that reflective writing. Oh, and reviews. Those should be starting up again shortly…

3D Custom Shoujo gameplay video online

Tech Arts 3D put a gameplay video online this evening for their upcoming polygon-based ero sim, 3D Custom Shoujo. It’s a nearly four-minute clip of uncut footage from a sex scene within the game engine, showing off some of the game’s capabilities to switch positions and costumes on the fly. Watching it feels stiffer and less natural than what Illusion has managed to achieve through years of development, but it doesn’t look half bad for the first game from a new brand. That said, I hope what we’re seeing is something closer to the 50-60% development mark than the 90-95% mark… if what’s shown here is all there is to the game it’s going to be a hard purchase for a lot of people to justify, I think. (no more)

Bullet Butlers x Ayakashibito crossover “Chrono Belt” official site, demo movie online

Following last week’s teaser in Tech Gian, the official Chrono Belt site is now online! Not only does it present a good dose of story and character information, but a very nicely produced demo movie is available for download as well. Combined with the sample CG available at the newly listed Getchu product entry for the game we start to get a decent picture of what to expect, and that “what” is looking totally awesome. The game is listed as going on sale this summer, at 7,140 yen retail – rather lower than the typical full price of 9,240 yen, though hopefully that doesn’t mean the content will be significantly less than its two predecessors. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on the game as development proceeds. (no more)

February 29th figure news

Several new preorders went up today, including the Kanu Unchou and Ryomou Shimei (china dress DVD box ver.) pair from Griffon, two versions of Amami Haruka the first Idolmaster Revoltech and fifth in the Fraeulein series, the SMILE800 V.I.P Aquaplus character trading figures from Goodsmile, and Kotobukiya’s Yamashita Shunya-designed Elf from Mu ~Kiseki no Daichi~. Also a bit of minor Nendoroid news, a Dengeki Daioh figure extra, and release delays from Orchid Seed (I don’t think that item will be surprising to anyone).

Illusion announces Jinkou Shoujo 3 expansion

Getchu posted a listing earlier today for Jinkou Shoujo 3 Hannari, an “append disc” for the November ’07 released Jinkou Shoujo 3. According to the product description it adds additional sex positions, maps, hairstyles and voice options (including Kyoto and Hakata dialects) to the original game. It’s scheduled to retail on May 30th at 6,090 yen retail, and the first lot limited edition comes with a set of two figures (likely similar to those that came with the first game). We’ll keep an eye on this expansion as it develops – hopefully the official Illusion site will have more information when it’s announced there later today. Update: an official site is now online for the game, though it’s rather sparse at present. (no more)

Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: industry wrapup

We wrap up our coverage of Wonder Festival 2008 Winter (for real, this time) with a look at the industry items that fell through the cracks in our earlier reporting. This primarily consists of offerings on display at the Yamato and Happinet booths, but also contains a look at Organic’s Tama-chan from Bamboo Blade and the as-yet unsubstantiated rumor of an Erect Sawaru-designed figure from Solid Theater. Details follow:

Sano Toshihide personal site updated, Majodou OP movie online

Those of us eagerly awaiting further news of G.J?’s upcoming Sano-designed Majodou eroge got two welcome surprises today: first is news that the personal site of game artist Sano Toshihide was updated yesterday with a new piece of fan art, depicting a fictional Nagato-ified rendition of (male) bassist and Nico Video internet phenomenon Tissue-Hime. News is also in from the official site for Majodou that the game’s opening movie will go online there some time today – we’ll update this post when it’s available. Ahh, it’s a good time to be a Sano fan… Update: the first in a series of three Majodou movies is now available for download! In addition they’ve begun a fan participation campaign where you can develop the profile of one of five enemy witches to appear in the “Houki DE Babyuu~n!” mini game included with the main release – it seems a bit like Armored Core for broomsticks, where you get to customize your witch and then race her against computer opponents. We’ll keep an eye on this as more news comes to light. (no more)

Hanaharu eromanga compilation announced

I hope Zepy will pardon me for quoting him directly, but I couldn’t contain myself when I heard the news: according to the latest issue of eromanga serial magazine Kairakuten, Naruhiko Hanaharu will be releasing his first ever tankoubon compilation of eromanga soon! I’m not sure whether I’ve raved about his work properly here in the past or not, but as one of his legion of diehard fans all I can say is it’s about bloody time. I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this story for any developments – first, to go pick up that issue of Kairakuten. I was wondering what he’d been doing since the Kamichu manga ended… (no more)

Mainichi Junk: February 28th, 2008

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I’ll be pulling together a final Wonder Festival post tomorrow with information on the remaining industry offerings not covered in the earlier post. I’d also like to address some of the above headlines in a bit more depth, particularly Zepy’s post on problems in the eroge industry – I’ve been working up some great (awful) puns on the theme that I am gleefully hoping to unleash soon. >:3 Now that WF coverage is mostly done I should be able to return to some long-form posts on other subject matter – a good thing, because at this point I’m getting rather tired of it. I’m glad the next one isn’t until August. ^^;;

Obligatory whoredom: spiky ball Dynamite Kanu is very competitively priced at Play-Asia!

Cafe Reo’s Food Girls Stawberry-chan preorder open

Nary a week has passed since we first reported on her prior to Wonder Festival, but Cafe Reo’s Strawberry-chan from Okama artbook Food Girls is now up for preorder! She’s due out in April at 5,775 yen, non-scale (18 cm long) with a sculpt from Azusa Rei (Gun Doll). The description bills it as a “completely castoffable, strawberry fragrance figure”, which is sounding pretty tempting… gallery below:

Event Report: Wonder Festival 2008 Winter

The following is a quasi-chronological look at the events of February 24th, 2008, and one person’s trip to Japan’s biannual hobby mecca Wonder Festival. In addition to boring personal anecdotes it contains information of a potentially useful nature – if you’ve been wondering when the next Wonder Festival is, what happened to Eropon, why there was a veritable army of Yoko kits for sale, what’s up with Organic, or who translated the text on the warning label of that Mr. Simple Mask for Paint you just bought – well, you’ve come to the right place!

Alter lists Chuua Churam, preorders follow

Fresh from her debut last weekend at Wonder Festival Alter blazes ahead with their release schedule, presenting an official page for their upcoming Chuua Churam PVC figure from Chu x Chu Idol! As previously reported she’s scheduled to retail in July at 7,140 yen, non-scale (~20 cm tall), with a sculpt from Yagyuu Satoshi. Who is Chuua Churam? She’s the combined “gattai” form that appears when the game’s two main heroines, Chu Chu Astram and Nakauchi Chiyu, kiss. :3 Picture below:

New Slayers TV anime announced

Via Moon Phase: The Kanzaka Hajime official fan club is reporting that Slayers is to receive a new TV anime adaptation! It will feature an original story and be divided into two cours of ~12-13 episodes each. Direction will be from Watanabe Takashi, with animation production from J.C. Staff. The voice cast is reported to have “no significant changes.”

This news is still officially rumor until it can be corroborated with the upcoming release of Dragon Magazine, but the official fan club source seems credible enough. (no more)

Mainichi Junk: February 27th, 2008

I was planning to push out the final installment of our Wonder Festival coverage this evening, but lack of sleep for the past few days has turned my brain into a puddle of goo that can’t bear to string more than a few words together at a time. Tomorrow for sure!

News of the Day:

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We’ll take a closer look at some of these tomorrow to see exactly what’s going on.

In site news, following input on the redesign we’ve created an option for those who would prefer to view HD content in a single chronological feed in the main column. This can be done by clicking the “All” link in the upper right corner of the layout, or going here; browsing this way means you’ll never miss content when it’s posted to one of the new sections of the site! Hopefully this will help ease the transition to the new layout for all concerned (myself included).

Whew… it’s dinner and then off to bed for me early tonight! Wonder Festival coverage concludes tomorrow.

Rumor: To Heart 2 Another Days lacks Ikuno route?

An update at Moon Phase has lent credence to the rumor that the long-awaited latest installment in the To Heart 2 franchise, Another Days, lacks a story route for Komaki Ikuno. The invalid younger sister of Komaki Manaka was a big draw leading up to the release of the Another Days expansion, so if this news is true it could mean we’re in for another round of hellfire from irate Japanese fans similar to the ones that accompanied the release of Light’s Dies Irae and Cuffs’ Garden. We’ll be watching for further news on this; the game goes on sale this Friday, February 29th.


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Komaki Ikuno PVC
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February 27th figure news

Figure news from the past day, including the preorder availability of a Sky Girls Sonic Diver Fuujin action figure from FREEing, Taki Corporation’s castoffable Eruru from Utawarerumono, and a Code Geass Cornelia polystone courtesy of B-Club. Also: Max Factory’s Figma Saber is selling better than expected (largely sold out, in fact), and some last minute chances on a few other items of interest.

TRIGUN THE MOVIE announced for 2009

Via Moon Phase Diary: The promotional dust jacket cover (“obi”) from volume 14 of the Trigun Maximum manga [AA] brings the news that a Trigun animated feature film is currently in production! It will feature an original story developed by manga author Yasuhiro Nightow and director Nishimura Satoshi who collaborated with Nightow on the Trigun TV series and is also known for his work on the Hajime no Ippo anime. The script will be helmed by veteran anime writer Kobayashi Yasuko, with character designs from Yoshimura Takahiro (an unknown?) and animation production from Madhouse. The tagline reads: “Vash vs. Wolfwood?! The familiar characters erupt on screen in an all-original Trigun story!” As a fan of the original TV series I’ll be keeping a close eye out as this project develops… (no more)

Dengeki Gao suspension confirmed

The official Dengeki Comic Gao website was updated with the news that the April 2008 issue of the magazine, on sale today, will be its last. A translation of the message posted to the site follows:

“With this issue GAO’s publication will be suspended. We would like to thank our readers for enjoying the magazine over its 15 year history. Works currently serialized in GAO will be moved to a new magazine. Please continue to watch the development of manga artists and works that were born and grew up in these pages. This page will be updated again in early April.”

It seems the earlier news to this effect was correct; it remains to be seen exactly how the currently running manga will be currently divided among MediaWorks’ other magazines, but it seems likely that Daioh will absorb the lion’s share. (no more)

Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: [ERO] garage kits

Our look at the garage kits on display at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter concludes in earnest with a look at many of the adult-themed kits that were on display, from an amnesiac Viletta from Code Geass to a sculptural depiction of The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, to several very attractive Kanu Unchous, an irresponsibly proportioned Uesugi Kenshin and Yamamoto Isoroku, and things far more outlandish – not a post for those at work, under legal age, or not wanting to see some pretty bizarre (and yet strangely hypnotic) pieces of sculpted plastic.

Volks announces Rance PVC figure project

Like mana from heaven, like prize figures from a UFO catcher claw, like hot resin into a garage kit mold – yeah, the most backward and haughty of companies has finally learned of democracy in this, year 20 of the Heisei era! This evening Volks unveiled an extension of their recently launched PVC collaboration with Alice Soft: they’re making figures based on various Alice game franchises, and they’re letting people vote on who they want to see out in PVC! Details below:

Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: garage kits galore, part II

We round up our look at the garage kits of Wonder Festival 2008 Winter in this second part of our coverage, starting off in miko paradise before moving through an ice dancing festival, a parade of who’s who in 2007 anime, a brace of truly delicious Aegises, a 1/1 scale robotic maid, Yotsuba in a diving suit, and end with a visit to Vispo, Atomic Bom and Bubba of Saikoro Caramel. If you’d like to leave a comment, please do so here. If you’re wondering where all the ero kits are, they’re coming soon…

Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: garage kits galore, part I

Due to the high volume of images in this post it’s been divided into two, with comments enabled on this post and disabled on the second. The first half of our magical mystery tour through the garage kits of Wonder Festival 2008 Winter begins in the land of BOME, traverses through the jungle of Paper Moon lifesize dolls, through the realm of Kill Time Communication, into the trenches of Lucky Star, Evagelion, Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Haruhi, and more. The images are presented in the (random) order I took them, and all items here were sold as one day, limited license, unpainted, unassembled resin kits. Let the journey begin!

Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: industry news (updated)

Why put out Wonder Festival industry news in installments when you can do it all at once? This is the question we attempt to answer in this post, bringing scoops from (in alphabetical order): Alter, Amie Gran, Cafe Reo, CM’s, Daiki Kougyou, First Class, Goodsmile / Max Factory, Griffon, Hobby Stock, Konami, Kotobukiya, Lilics, Megahouse, Movic, Orchid Seed, Organic, Piccolo, Revoltech, Solid Theater, Toranoana, Toy’sworks, and Volks. This post will initially be pretty barebones, with nothing but a bunch of (exceedingly crappy) pictures, but it will be continually fleshed out with concrete information over the next day or so, so feel free to check back if you’re so inclined. Update: Post now includes basic information on all of the new kits announced from the makers we covered! Further updates to be posted as the news trickles in.

Mainichi Junk: February 25th, 2008

Post-Wonfes Recon


I had a blast at Wonder Festival this time around. It wasn’t just the insane amount of Yoko; it wasn’t just attending on a decent amount of sleep for once (now very much depleted), it wasn’t even chibi Aegis (though she is very chibi). It was a combination of all of these, and the fact that the 5:00 AM blizzard didn’t kill us en route, and that I figured out how to use my camera a bit better (and use my old one a whole lot worse ;_;), managed to meet some rad people, and get a hot (nekkid) Viletta kit. Yeah, in retrospect that sealed the deal. :3

I had ambitious plans to post a full formal event report and garage kit gallery this evening, but spent most of my free time fleshing out the industry booth report (still not quite done…) and finishing an application for Comiket 74 (the deadline is tomorrow at 1:00 PM). With that out of the way I can now concentrate on finishing up Wanfesu coverage, which will hopefully be complete by the end of the day tomorrow. After a 22-hour day yesterday and a long day at work that there bed is looking mighty welcoming…

Man the proxy turrets, it’s limited edition time


As of today several Wonder Festival event-limited items are now on sale via order from makers’ online shops. Chief among these is Goodsmile, whose Haruhi cosplay Konata Figma was a highly prized item at the event yesterday and is likely to sell briskly online too. Those willing to brave the proxy jungles have a week in which to procure her and the other limited items from Goodsmile and Max Factory. Also now available is Volks’ MOE #01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set, which will be up for order through March 14th. The product page now has high resolution images of the figures online, which I’ve reproduced below:

Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set

Facts, but no figures


It seems the rest of the 2D world largely stepped aside for a couple of days to defer to the hobby juggernaut that is Wonder Festival, though there were a couple unrelated items of note over the weekend – A third season of Ikkitousen was announced, Macross F got a broadcast schedule (it starts on April 3rd), old school anime fan circle Psychommu Gaijin put out the latest issue of their ‘zine, and… well, that’s all I can think of right now. Ikkitousen might not even count, seeing as it’s basically a figure vehicle to begin with…

Speaking of figures, here’s the part of the post where I shamelessly bring affiliate items to your attention in the hope that if the spirit moves you, you’ll buy something through one of the following links and help keep this site running in the process:

Griffon’s ero-ero Limited DX Kanu Unchou is in stock at Play-Asia and shipping now! She comes complete with a “damaged shirt” exchangeable part, not that it makes much difference either way. :3 We’ll get a review up here as soon as possible after she comes in, but is likely to be a pretty quick seller so you might want to get your order in now. In preorders, Toy’sworks’ Miyamoto Rei from Highschool of the Dead is now available as well – a bit pricey, but comes with an exchangeable castoff torso and “soft chest part”. We got a closer look yesterday, and I think this is an item it’s easy to recommend.

kanu_limited_dx.jpg Toy'sworks' Miyamoto Rei figure from Highschool of the Dead

That’s it for tonight – Wonder Festival coverage will resume in full force tomorrow, and then it’s on to eroge this weekend with the debut of To Heart 2 Another Days and Choukou Sennin Haruka. I’m not planning to play either at this point (though Haruka is tempting, and I probably should), but the release will be a spectacle to watch…

Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: garage kits at a glance

I made it back safely from Wonder Festival this evening loaded with well over 1,000 pictures and a whole bunch of delicious, nutritious figure scoopage information (it’s like roughage for the figure colon, or something). First up is a preview look at the garage kit side of things, where I spent most of my shooting this afternoon – lots of lovely kits on offer, as you’ll see. More WF news coming very soon, so stay tuned!

Anime News: Ikkitousen 3rd season announced

The cover of the April 2008 edition of Comic Gum makes the announcement that Ikkitousen will be returning in a third series, entitled “Great Guardians”! Moon Phase Diary brings details regarding the anime staff and cast, which seem nearly identical to that of the second season (Dragon Destiny); the official anime site is scheduled for an update on February 25th to reflect the news, and the series is scheduled to air on TV this summer. April ’08 Comic Gum cover image and inner magazine scoop below:

Mainichi Junk: February 23rd, 2008

News of the Day

The new HD layout explained

The unifying theme behind the layout revision you see taking over the site right now like an insidious fungus is an attempt to return to the “roots” of HD (a tradition of daily Mainichi Junk updates), while continuing to provide a steady stream of smaller updates that may be more directly useful to the reader and making those updates as easy to access as possible.

As a result, with a few exceptions from now on the only posts that will appear by default in the center column when you access the site will be Mainichi Junk posts. All of the other posts will appear in their respective news categories in the side bar, or as reviews, columns, etc. This makes it more difficult to take in all the newest site content chronologically at a glance, so to address that I’ll begin each Mainichi Junk post with a recap of the day’s posts in other areas of the site (should there be any).

None of this presentation is set in stone and there will be some experimentation before things settle down, but I’m excited about the possibility of ultimately making the site more flexible, user-friendly, and personally engaging.

Wonder Festival is tomorrow!

Wonder Festival is tomorrow!

Wonder Festival 2008 winter is finally at hand! I’ve made a handy banner link to the Wonder Festival post tag that should make it easy to access all the latest news we’re able to scrounge up. It’s going to be a very long day after tomorrow’s 4:00 o’clock alarm call… if I can find a wireless hot spot on the way home I’ll try to have something up in the mid to late afternoon, otherwise it’ll be evening before the posts start rolling in.

Anime Lilith meets Sumeragi Kohaku


Leaving figures behind for a moment (is that allowed?) to note that budget eroge maker Lilith updated their official site yesterday with the news that their newest title will be in the Anime Lilith line, and will feature the art of well known character designer Sumeragi Kohaku (his 2004 title Pururun Cafe is now available in English). The game is called “Rinkan Club” and doesn’t feature the happiest of themes, but for fans of the artist this is looking like a great release. It’s due out on March 28th at 3,150 yen (Getchu page).

Recommended Affiliate Items

wave_kagami.jpg wave_tsukasa.jpg

Kagami and Tsukasa (miko version) PVC figures from Lucky Star

And that’s a wrap for tonight! Time to finish some prep and then hit the sack for the early morning tomorrow…

pre-WF figure news roundup (updated)

The last few tidbits of news before Wonder Festival are trickling in, including previews of some Shining-series game kits on display, Yoshizawa Mitsumasa’s Cammy garage kit, a new preorder up for a very nipply Toyonaka Haruna from Mizuiro Splash, and reissue announcements from Kotobukiya for their Clalaclan and Konomi (frill bikini ver.) PVCs. Update: now with news on First Class’s WF lineup, as well as a look at the setup process for Goodsmile’s WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU stage.

Mainichi Junk: February 22nd, 2008

I’m really very tired! There is, however, a Majodou update (don’t click at work).

33 hours to Wonder Festival…

Even more figure news

We round out tonight’s journey through the figure world with looks at Wonder Festival previews from several companies, including Wave, Piccolo, Alpha Omega, Cafe Reo, and Resinya. Also: a small PVC Spica update, speculation on the future of the Revoltech action figure lines, a look at all three completed Kodomo no Jikan Play Stationery, a new Nendoroid announcement, a comparison of the disembodied hands of Figma Haruhi and Konata, and a figure that smells of strawberries.