Code Geass season 2 preview

Karen as a badass bunny girl in Code Geass season 2

The-O Network broke the news on Wednesday that the second Code Geass DVD Magazine (AA) contains footage from the show’s second season, scheduled to air starting this April. Those wishing to remain unspoiled for the action should definitely not click on this link for more information; I for one welcome our pink bunny-suit clad, kneecap-to-the-face wielding overlords.

Tony pillow now up for preorder

Tony Comiket 73 dakimakura

The [ERO] dakimakura cover designed by Taka Tony that first went on sale at Comic Market 73 and that we discussed earlier this week is now available for preorder from Toranoana! One thing I neglected to mention in the earlier post is that as long as you get your order in by the deadline (February 11th) there’s no danger of the item selling out, so everyone who wants a copy should be able to get one. Tora also has a bit of warning text regarding the colors bleeding after repeated washings, so it may be that the production quality for this is a bit lower than some other more expensive pillows; the solution: never wash it. :3

Miyabiya does Takashiro-sensei

Takashiro-sensei from Bible Black

A glance at rookie figure maker Miyabiya‘s site earlier today revealed that following the release of their [ERO] Bible Black Imari (PA) kit they’re planning to do one of Takashiro-sensei as well. There are no pictures or other data available on her as of yet, but Miyabiya will be represented at Wonder Festival next month so hopefully we’ll get a preview there. Here’s hoping the promising quality of their Imari kit is sustained in the final product – maybe it’ll shame C-Works into producing something decent.

Another week, another wallpaper

Keijiei Wallpaper up at

A hot new wallpaper is up at, penned by veteran mangaka and newly-minted eroge designer Kei Jiei. His work can be seen in Hadashi Shoujo’s latest title Shiawase na Ohime-sama, which is set for release a week from today (February 1st).

Garden released “incomplete”, fans rampage

Cuffs' Garden - will it survive the wrath of raging fans?

Today’s Moon Phase Diary post reports that following Dies Irae, the next eroge to face the merciless wrath of fans whose high expectations were betrayed is Cuffs’ Garden (on sale today). The game’s official site has been periodically overloaded as I’ve been accessing it to write this, and earlier today an announcement was posted explaining the situation. It mirrors the Dies Irae fallout almost exactly – playable routes were planned for all of the characters, but due to production deficiencies the routes for Ruri and Mana were cut. I’m expecting Erogamescape to erupt in a frothing rage any minute now… it looked like such an adorable game, too. ;__;

Genshiken uncensored

Ohno and Tanaka share a kiss in Genshiken 2 ep. 4

Finally, the second volume of Genshiken 2 (AA) went on sale today, and arrived at my place this evening. I tore it open post-haste, glanced at the card with Angela and Sue’s translated lines from the included “Road to Ikebukuro” drama CD, put the DVD in, and skipped right to the money shot – the Ohno x Tanaka scene at the end of episode four. As expected it’s uncensored compared to the TV broadcast, and they share one of the most graphic kisses I’ve seen in something that isn’t an eroanime. Call me a satisfied customer. :3

Tonight’s haul also included Tora’s Masane x Rihoko swimsuit set (PA), Cospa’s Space Yoko / Yomako dakimakura cover, and a bunch of games; will talk a bit more about those when it’s not so damned cold in this room. That’s it for the Junk!