The March 2008 issue of Hobby Japan magazine will be on store shelves tomorrow (January 25th), but we’ve got an early look at it today courtesy of 2chan’s hobby board. Several interesting items to scoop today, including a castoffable Queen’s Gate Nijihara Ink (of Moetan fame), a look at the next Queen’s Blade character, a Volks PVC series featuring characters from Alice Soft’s upcoming Choukou Sennin Haruka (Beat Blades Haruka), several new PVC items from Griffon, and a bunch of Wonder Festival preview news. And more! Details below:

Heisei Democracy Figure News: March '08 Hobby Japan preview Heisei Democracy Figure News: March '08 Hobby Japan preview

The next figure in Hobby Japan’s Queen’s Blade series isn’t from Queen’s Blade at all – nor is it from Megahouse. It’s sculpted by T’s System and produced by Clayz, and features Nijihara Ink from Queen’s Gate, the official QB spinoff that includes characters from alternate universes – Moetan, in this case. We’ve seen several Ink figures in the past, but as part of the Queen’s Blade lineup this is the first one ever to be castoffable. It’s coming via mail order limited edition from Hobby Japan, with preorders open through March 10th and release scheduled for July. International customers should be able to order this from Play Asia, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for her there.

In other QB news, limited color versions of Megahouse’s Airi and Echidna PVCs will be on sale at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter on February 24th, and the next character in the Queen’s Blade lineup has been revealed to be an elven warrior with a very heavy staff by the name of “Arein”. Design and illustration duty is from Matsuryuu, and no release date has yet been confirmed.

Heisei Democracy Figure News: March '08 Hobby Japan preview

The main heroine of Alice Soft’s eroge Choukou Sennin Haruka (official English title: “Beat Blades Haruka”) is coming in PVC from Volks! Price and release date are unknown, but this is apparently the beginning of a new partnership between the brands that will see a series of PVCs inspired by the spiritual successor to Beat Angel Escalayer. This is great, but I wish this PVC deal had been struck prior to the release of Sengoku Rance instead… more details can be found at the official project page on the Volks website.

Kotobukiya is putting out a Milfa PVC from To Heart 2 Another Days. It comes with a bonus Ilfa head (gotta love that android compatibility) and will go on sale at Wonder Festival on Feb. 24th, with Kotobukiya limited shop release the following day. She’s 1/8 scale and going for 5,000 yen, plus tax. Kotobukiya also has a Suzu PVC on tap from Nagasarete Airantou, due out in June at 6,090 yen and 1/7 scale, and Cospa (perhaps Resinya?) is putting out a Shana (waitress ver.) PVC from Shakugan no Shana II, 1/6 scale (26 cm tall) with release planned for March at an unknown price, and a sculpt from Hiroshi of Sakurazensen.

Heisei Democracy Figure News: March '08 Hobby Japan preview

This is a page from Dengeki Hobby, not Hobby Japan, but it’s close enough: featured are a second round of Suzumiya Haruhi petit Nendoroid figures from Goodsmile, due out in April at 500 yen each in a set of 10 (five characters, two variations each) plus one secret. Also shown is a Sumomo figure that will come with the Nintendo DS version of Nanatsuiro Drops, which is due out in March.

Heisei Democracy Figure News: March '08 Hobby Japan preview

A scan of Griffon’s black and white ad page in HJ showcases their upcoming PVC and resin lineup, dominated by Ikkitousen on the PVC side (Ryomou Shimei maid ver. coming in March, Ryomou and Kanu China dress versions coming in April) along with Pram from Phantom Kingdom and Rosalind from Disgaea 2 both due out in March as well. On the resin side Queen’s Blade represents with new Reina, Nix, and Echidna kits, scheduled to be sold pre-painted (though quite expensive). Winter Wonder Festival goodies include limited color editions of their [ERO] DX Kanu and shark-crushing Plenair, and Harada Takehito designed Al Ajif (Demonbane) and Saber (Fate) garage kits.

Heisei Democracy Figure News: March '08 Hobby Japan preview

Wave’s Treasure Figure Collection bunny girl Haruhi is pictured here, scheduled for release at 2,940 yen and 1/10 scale (16 cm tall). She’s due out in May, but will see advance release at Wonder Festival and online via Wave’s official site at the reduced price of 2,500 yen.

Yamato steps into the bishoujo action figure arena with the first entry in their new “vmf” (variable motion figure) line, Ikkitousen’s Ryomou Shimei. She features 16 points of articulation, removable skirt, and is larger than much of the competition at 1/7 scale (25 cm tall). Release is expected this summer at an as yet undetermined price.

New Line will be releasing a pre-painted resin figure of Benis from Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de. She’s 16 cm tall, and will receive a Wonder Festival 100-unit limited release at 15,000 yen.

Volks’s Kasutama P action figure series continues with a couple of figures from August’s Fortune Arterial. They’re like a black hole of boredom sucking at my soul, so I’ll avert my eyes hastily and move on…

Heisei Democracy Figure News: March '08 Hobby Japan preview

More Wonder Festival news comes from Movic, who will be releasing an [ERO] bare-chested alternate color version of their Yamashita Shunya-designed Cocona PVC at the event, along with alternate color versions of their Sekirei Musubi and Matsu PVCs and the advance release of their Evangelion plug suit Rei. Orchid Seed will be releasing an event limited version of their Chichinoe+2 figure at Wanfesu as well, though its “limited” characteristics are unclear.

Finally, Pit Road will be releasing a series of “Machine Girls” figures based on an illustration comic from PC GIGA magazine. The four figures x two variations are due out this spring at an unknown price.

If there’s anything of import that didn’t make these scans I’ll post it tomorrow when the magazine goes officially on sale. Things are really heating up as we approach Wonder Festival – just a month from today! We’ll bring you continued coverage as further news comes to light, so stay tuned. :3