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Figure News: Alter announces maid version Mikuru

Alter just posted a product entry for an Asahina Mikuru (maid ver.) PVC figure from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. She’s sculpted by Numakura Toshiaki (of circle Sinsemilla) and is scheduled for release in June at 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) and 6,090 yen. The figure is being produced in cooperation with Chara-Ani. (no more)

January 31st figure news roundup

A summary of figure news from the past few days, including Petit Nendoroid Lucky Star and Haruhi, an update on the Vispo-sculpted Seyada Tara PVC coming from Daiki Kougyou, CM’s’ near lifesize Kokonoe Rin gets a makeover, Ore no Yome Chouun castoff gallery, Tandem Twin Annerose update, release delays from Toy’sworks, and dates set for this summer’s Bandai-sponsored Chara Hobby (C3) expo.

[ERO] Game News: new Sano Toshihide designed G.J? title “Majodou” unveiled – UPDATED

As reported earlier, the March ’08 edition of eroge magazine Dengeki Hime went on sale today (January 30th) and includes the exclusive scoop on the latest Sano Toshihide designed [ERO] game from maker G.J?, Majodou (魔女道; lit. “Witch’s Way”). In it the protagonist attends a prep school where one day he discovers that four of his classmates are witches, and is tasked with keeping their identities secret as they vie for the Witch’s World Cup (one is from Japan, one is from the USA, one is from Holland, and one is from Germany). Seems to be riffing on some Harry Potter themes, at first glance… I’ll update this post as soon as I’m home with access to a scanner, and G.J? has promised a site update this evening as well so plenty of visuals should soon be available. Watch this space! Update: Scans of the Dengeki Hime article below:

Figure News: Toy’sworks Exelica unveiled, Pleasant Angels’ Ore no Yome Chouun preorder open

Two figures we scooped last month showed up on the radar officially today, the first being Toy’sworks’ Exelica PVC from Trigger Heart Exelica (scooped here in last month’s Hobby Japan). Now listed officially over at the Toy’sworks site, she’ll be coming out in May at 1/8 scale (28 cm tall with base included) and the rather steep price of 9,980 yen, tax included – no doubt due to the bulk of her suit equaling that of a second whole figure. In other news, preorders went up over the noon hour today at Amiami for the first entry in Pleasant Angels’ [ERO] Ore no Yome (“my bride”) series (scoop here), Chouun from BaseSon’s eroge Koihime Musou. She’s due out in late April at 1/8 scale and 6,090 yen, and is rated 18+. Pleasant Angels’ release history has been a bit rocky, but there’s nothing like a new castoff lineup to liven a figure company’s fortunes… Images of both figures below:

Mainichi Junk: January 26th, 2008

G.J? new game update

the next Sano Toshihide designed G.J? title will finally be scooped on January 30th

Sano Toshihide eroge brand G.J? updated the teaser page for their new game yesterday night, as promised – with yet another teaser. The page layout is the same Nico parody as before, only this time there’s a video playing of a sniper whose target turns out to be Ole’s new game, [ERO] Tsuri Baka. The single bit of art from the new G.J? title on the page shows the hand of a silver-haired woman wearing a black shirt and holding a sake bottle, with text promising a new update on the 30th (when the game will be scooped in Dengeki Hime magazine). I know that’s just four days from now, but the wait is killing me. ;_;

Yamashita Shunya Kasumi mystery solved?

Yamashita Shunya designed Dead or Alive Kasumi prize figures

Amiami‘s evening update today brought word that the Yamashita Shunya designed Kasumi prize figures we’ve been tracking since last May are now on sale – at the lower price initially expected, not the one listed at Tecmo’s online shop that we covered last December. As prize figures they’re officially “open price” so they can be sold however the retailer wants (though technically they’re supposed to be won in UFO catchers and not sold at all); that may account for the discrepancy, but it still seems like Tecmo was smoking something potent with their inflated price, different height measurement and release date.

Taimanin Asagi vol. 3 on sale today

Pixy's Kagami designed, Murakami Teruaki directed Taimanin Asagi eroanime vol. 3

(none of the following links are work safe) In addition to being a big eroge release weekend several major eroanime came out yesterday: MS Pictures represented with Hime Kishi Angelica vol. 1, After vol. 2, and Megachu vol. 3, while Pink Pineapple brought Warau Kangofu vol. 2 and Suzuki Mirano released Renketsu Houshiki. The third episode of Pixy’s Taimanin Asagi went on sale via download today as well (package version out on Feb. 1), featuring the distinctive directorial stylings of Murakami Teruaki laid over the game‘s original Kagami designs.

Space Yoko / Yomako dakimakura mini review

Cospa's Space Yoko / Yomako dakimakura hug pillow from Gurren Lagann Cospa's Space Yoko / Yomako dakimakura hug pillow from Gurren Lagann

I’m a bit disappointed with the Space Yoko / Yomako pillowcase that I received from Cospa yesterday. The craftsmanship is fine, it’s a typically sturdy piece that speaks well of Cospa’s production ability; the illustrations lose a lot of their appeal when viewed up close, though, and I’m beginning to think that this is more the rule than the exception for Cospa pillows (this is my second after NHK’s Misaki, which looked a lot better online than in person). I doubt I’ll get another Cospa pillow unless the design is obviously exceptional (Donne Anonime) or it’s of a character I can’t do without (Ohno? Please?). I’d only recommend this pillow if you really like the design and don’t mind it looking sketchy up close, or if you’re a huge Yoko fan.

Zounds! Figure review backlog


The picture says it all… I’m trying to figure out ways to streamline the review process so it doesn’t take as long, because there’s so much stuff I want to do with the site I can’t afford to spend the 3-4 hours per review that it’s sometimes taken in the past. The first step will be to concentrate on keeping the images to a manageable number, as that saves time at nearly all stages of the process; expect future reviews (to resume soon, hopefully) with closer to 20 images than 200. Some special figures will still merit the full court press when my itchy trigger finger gets out of control, but moderation has to take hold at some point… or does it?

Play-Asia recommendations

Kotobukiya's Art of Yamashita Shunya Karin polystone bust figure statue Kotobukiya's Art of Yamashita Shunya Noel polystone bust figure statue

Art of Yamashita Shunya
Karin and Noel

[ERO] Anime News: new White Bear project features Mogudan, Kino Hitoshi, Maruta designs

Adult media company Mediabank was selling a doujinshi at Comiket 73 (Toranoana mail order page) that featured a short volume of rough sketches from artists Kino Hitoshi, Maruta, and Mogudan, along with a DVD that contained preview material from three eroanime episodes currently in production, one designed by each of the above artists and produced by Mediabank eroanime label White Bear (the full Mediabank eroanime catalog can be found here). Those familiar with White Bear’s work won’t be surprised to hear that fidelity to the artists’ original designs is questionable, but news that veteran director Yoshi-Ten (of Bible Black fame) will be helming the Mogudan episode makes me optimistic that it will be something worth seeing. Screenshots and further details below:

Figure News: Hayate no Gotoku Maria, Otoboku Suouin Kana PVC preorders open

Amiami put up preorder listings over the noon hour today for a pair of unexpected new figures. First up is the first ever PVC from Hayate no Gotoku, Taki Corporation’s rendition of Maria. In a break with Taki’s other PVC lineup she’s not significantly castoffable, and is much cheaper: 4,515 yen for the 1/8 scale (21 cm tall) kit, due out in late March. The second new figure announcement is from Rana, a maker more known for their kitschy toys than their bishoujo figures, and features Suouin Kana (summer clothes ver.) from Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru. The figure package includes both a standard version and an SD version of the character, and retails in May at 7,140 yen and 1/8 scale (18 cm tall, 10 cm for the SD version). (no more)

Mainichi Junk: January 25th, 2008

Code Geass season 2 preview

Karen as a badass bunny girl in Code Geass season 2

The-O Network broke the news on Wednesday that the second Code Geass DVD Magazine (AA) contains footage from the show’s second season, scheduled to air starting this April. Those wishing to remain unspoiled for the action should definitely not click on this link for more information; I for one welcome our pink bunny-suit clad, kneecap-to-the-face wielding overlords.

Tony pillow now up for preorder

Tony Comiket 73 dakimakura

The [ERO] dakimakura cover designed by Taka Tony that first went on sale at Comic Market 73 and that we discussed earlier this week is now available for preorder from Toranoana! One thing I neglected to mention in the earlier post is that as long as you get your order in by the deadline (February 11th) there’s no danger of the item selling out, so everyone who wants a copy should be able to get one. Tora also has a bit of warning text regarding the colors bleeding after repeated washings, so it may be that the production quality for this is a bit lower than some other more expensive pillows; the solution: never wash it. :3

Miyabiya does Takashiro-sensei

Takashiro-sensei from Bible Black

A glance at rookie figure maker Miyabiya‘s site earlier today revealed that following the release of their [ERO] Bible Black Imari (PA) kit they’re planning to do one of Takashiro-sensei as well. There are no pictures or other data available on her as of yet, but Miyabiya will be represented at Wonder Festival next month so hopefully we’ll get a preview there. Here’s hoping the promising quality of their Imari kit is sustained in the final product – maybe it’ll shame C-Works into producing something decent.

Another week, another wallpaper

Keijiei Wallpaper up at

A hot new wallpaper is up at, penned by veteran mangaka and newly-minted eroge designer Kei Jiei. His work can be seen in Hadashi Shoujo’s latest title Shiawase na Ohime-sama, which is set for release a week from today (February 1st).

Garden released “incomplete”, fans rampage

Cuffs' Garden - will it survive the wrath of raging fans?

Today’s Moon Phase Diary post reports that following Dies Irae, the next eroge to face the merciless wrath of fans whose high expectations were betrayed is Cuffs’ Garden (on sale today). The game’s official site has been periodically overloaded as I’ve been accessing it to write this, and earlier today an announcement was posted explaining the situation. It mirrors the Dies Irae fallout almost exactly – playable routes were planned for all of the characters, but due to production deficiencies the routes for Ruri and Mana were cut. I’m expecting Erogamescape to erupt in a frothing rage any minute now… it looked like such an adorable game, too. ;__;

Genshiken uncensored

Ohno and Tanaka share a kiss in Genshiken 2 ep. 4

Finally, the second volume of Genshiken 2 (AA) went on sale today, and arrived at my place this evening. I tore it open post-haste, glanced at the card with Angela and Sue’s translated lines from the included “Road to Ikebukuro” drama CD, put the DVD in, and skipped right to the money shot – the Ohno x Tanaka scene at the end of episode four. As expected it’s uncensored compared to the TV broadcast, and they share one of the most graphic kisses I’ve seen in something that isn’t an eroanime. Call me a satisfied customer. :3

Tonight’s haul also included Tora’s Masane x Rihoko swimsuit set (PA), Cospa’s Space Yoko / Yomako dakimakura cover, and a bunch of games; will talk a bit more about those when it’s not so damned cold in this room. That’s it for the Junk!

Figure News: Art of Yamashita Shunya Karin, Noel up for preorder

As L.C predicted in a reply to the recent March ’08 Hobby Japan post, the two latest entries in Kotobukiya’s Art of Yamashita Shunya series are entitled Karin (preorder page) and Noel (preorder page). These two busts join Niniane in the polystone Shunya lineup from Kotobukiya, and are scheduled to retail in May at 10,290 yen each (non-scale, 17.5 cm tall). Both are a limited run of 500 units, and are limited to sale via the Kotobukiya online shop only (though I have a hunch they’ll appear via other retailers internationally as well, if Niniane is any indication). Pictures below:

[ERO] Figure News: Orchid Seed Wonder Festival 2008 Winter lineup

Orchid Seed updated their official site this afternoon with the lineup of items they’ll have for sale at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter. We scooped the limited edition of their Chichinoe+ 2 figure yesterday in our coverage from Hobby Japan, but seeing her here these limited edition colors seem like a definite step back from the original, alas. Far more exciting is news of the two resin kits to be on sale, an Ishiyama Satoshi-sculpted Kanu Unchou in (castoffable?) bikini, and a Nekomaru-sculpted Kazami Mizuho from Onegai Teacher. The details of these don’t really matter – what’s important is that precedent decrees that both of these kits will inevitably be released as PVC at some point in the coming year, which is totally awesome news for fans of Kanu, Mizuho, and Ishiyama Satoshi’s mad sculpting skills. Pictures below:

Figure News: January 25th news roundup

A comprehensive list of Wonder Festival 2008 Winter event-limited items, speculation regarding the castoffability of New Line’s Kousaka Tamaki (private version), Zero no Tsukaima Louise and Wolf and Spices Horo from Resinya, and a hot Kusanagi Motoko action figure from Medicom Toy.

Mainichi Junk: January 24th, 2008

Return of the Mainichi Junk

Yes, the Mainichi Junk is back. It’s coming back today in preparation for a site renewal in which daily longform posts will reclaim some of their former glory, and other posts will be organized into easily viewable, easily accessible at-a-glance categories, with the intent of making the HD experience more user-friendly and generally useful than ever before.

Heisei Democracy site renewal design mockup teaser

To that end, starting today I’ll be posting with the goal of making the eventual layout change as smooth as possible. This may mean that some of the stuff that shows up here (like this post) might look a bit odd, but I ask in advance that you bear with me as we make this transition. It might not be pretty in the interim, but the end result should hopefully be worth it. A preview of what the new layout will look like (minus the big blue blob in the middle) can be found at left.

Shifting gears, among the new things I want to do with the return of this daily post is to go a bit off the beaten path mandated by endless strings of “figure news” posts, into some of the other stuff that occupies the interest of people here at HD (that would be me) on a daily basis. “Ye gods, does this mean he’s actually going to blog?” I can hear you saying – and the answer is yes, maybe, if I can think of things to talk about. So, on with it!

Dragonaut ED 2 features Kaneko Hiraku illustrations

I stopped watching Dragonaut after the masterpiece of animation that was episode five, figuring that unless Kaneko Hiraku (designer of Queen’s Blade Cattleya, among other things) was brought on board to supervise the animation for another episode this was the best the series was going to get. He hasn’t come back yet (I’ve been checking his sakuga wiki page every week, just in case), but this week’s check revealed that he’s responsible for a few cuts in the new ED animation, the choicest of which are reproduced here:

screencap from the Dragonaut second ending animation screencap from the Dragonaut second ending animation

Proving once again that Uno Makoto and Kaneko Hiraku are two of the mightiest forces in the known universe.

Anime Rumors: Pretty Menma, Sekirei

Moon Phase Diary notes in a post today that Ramen Tenshi Pretty Menma, the game created to populate the Genshikenverse for the show’s second season, is presented in the upcoming issue of Comp H’s magazine as being an anime “in production”, but details are completely unconfirmed. If this turns out to be the case it could provide a scenario for a second Genshiken OVA to be released along with the Menma DVDs, though with the amount of plot remaining I doubt three OVA episodes would suffice.

a Sekirei anime in the works from ARMS?

In very tangentially related news, Moon Phase speculated back on the 18th that a Sekirei anime would be produced by Arms (the same studio that animated Genshiken season 2), and specifically the unit that worked on Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny. Thematically this would be a good fit in my opinion, though I’d like to see a bit higher quality than they managed to pull off for DD… this is pure speculation based on a single line of Moon Phase text and shouldn’t be given any credence, but it’s fun to dream – I’d bet dollars to donuts that a Sekirei anime is coming sooner or later.

Gundam Watch

mistakes of youth

Thanks to a hookup from wildarmsheero I am now watching the original Gundam movie trilogy for the first time. It’s largely been a pleasant experience thus far, though an odd one – like I’m fitting one of the few remaining pieces into the jigsaw puzzle of my anime vocabulary, and I already intuitively know where it goes. Being finally able to put faces to names like Zaku, Gouf, Char, Ramba Ral, Hamon, Amuro, and others is a lot of fun.

I’m not sure if there’s enough here to convince me the franchise was worth continuing for 25+ years beyond its initial conception, or enough to inspire me to watch more, but I’m feeling far less antipathy toward the show than I used to (based purely on the hellish experience of suffering through the first 15 episodes of SEED a few years back). Two thirds of the way through the second movie and the Amuro angst factor is getting a bit high, and it’s a bit silly how charismatic women inevitably die by falling out of their vehicles, but it’s still a fun watch and I look forward to seeing how things end.

As a side note, the knowledge that Char will go on to voice Sid Fortenmayer is a source of endless mirth.

Eroge Limiter Release

This makes a nice segue to note that tomorrow, January 25th, is the biggest eroge release day of the year thus far. 37 new and reissued titles will go on sale (by Galge’s reckoning), chief among them August’s long-awaited Fortune Arterial. The game has half a dozen figures and dozens of accessories in production as I type this, and is a virtual shoe-in for a TV anime at some point in the next year or two. I’m not sure if it will be able to stack up to the notoriety of its predecessor, however…

the cabbage of DOOM

Other games on sale tomorrow (don’t click these links at work) include an ero-ero Prism Ark expansion, a game featuring a time-slipping heroine at multiple ages, a Shimai Tsuma expansion that essentially finishes the original game, a beautifully illustrated offering from Atelier Kaguya, and a bunch of other promising titles. I’ll be getting a shipment of games in tomorrow and will report on them when time allows.

Play-Asia Whoredom

A quick glance through Play-Asia today turned up some stuff that might be of interest, so if you’d like to support the site and something catches your eye I’d be happy if you choose to purchase through the affiliate links below.

Now On Sale

Max Factory POLO System Wendy PVC figure from Gun x Sword Wave's Tsuruya-san and Kyon's sister PVC figure set from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Griffon's Kanu Unchou (china dress ver.) PVC figure from Ikkitousen

New Preorders

That’s a wrap for today’s edition of Mainichi Junk!

I’m not sure if future posts will be quite this highly produced, but might as well aim high from the start. Things will be changing for the better in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Figure News: Alter’s June linup unveiled, includes Siesta and Kirijou Mitsuru

Alter updated their official site this afternoon with product entries for two new PVC figures slated for June release. The first is Siesta, clad in her maid uniform from Zero no Tsukaima; sculpt is from JUN, and she’s 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) with a retail price of 5,775 yen. The second is Kirijou Mitsuru from Persona 3, who comes with two alternate arm configurations (handgun and rapier). She stands at 21 cm tall (1/8 scale), and retails at 6,090 yen. Sculpt is from Saitou Fumiki (Ingaouhou). Preorders are already open at Moe Soul for both Siesta and Mitsuru, and should be up elsewhere soon. (no more)

Goods News: Dengeki G’s Festival Deluxe vol. 2 comes with TH2 pillowcase, contoured mousepad

According to the product entry recently created for it at Mangaoh, Dengeki G’s Festival Deluxe vol. 2 will come with some awesome extras: first is a Kouno Harumi dakimakura cover, one of the heroines of To Heart 2: Another Days. It’s single-sided, features an original illustration, and is 50 x 155 cm in size. Second is a Kousaka Tamaki “contoured breast” (oppai) mousepad, featuring another original illustration; and finally a Yamada Michiru / Yoshioka Chie cellphone cleaner and strap. All this (along with the magazine itself) comes at a mere 3,500 yen, to be released on February 21st – this is sure to be a highly prized item, so order while you can! Mangaoh accepts international orders, and it should be listed at soon as well. Images below:

[ERO] Figure News: Goodsmile’s Chu Chu Astram official page online

Buzz has been circulating through the figure blogs over the past few weeks regarding Goodsmile’s [ERO] Chu Chu Astram PVC figure from Unisonshift’s eroge Chu Chu Idol, and as of this morning her product page is online at Goodsmile’s official site! Featuring more castoff gimmicks than you can shake a stick at, she’s coming in at 1/8 scale (21.5 cm tall) and 6,800 yen retail, with release expected in May and a sculpt from Kaiya Hajime of Acetone. With her up at Goodsmile’s official site we can expect preorder listings soon. It’s likely this will be a very popular item indeed, so ordering ASAP is advised for those looking to secure their own copies. (no more)

Figure News: Etrian Odyssey Paladin, Buster Machine #7 coming from Wave

Figure maker Wave posted listings yesterday for two new PVC items: the first is the Female Paladin from Sekaiju no Meikyuu (Etrian Odyssey), with a sculpt from Eye Up. She’s due out in May at 4,935 yen, non-scale (16 cm tall). Next up is Buster Machine #7 (aka. Nono) from Top wo Nerae! 2, with a sculpt from Sakurazaka Miki of Cherry Blossom. She’s due out in June at 4,830 yen, and 1/10 scale (20 cm from head to toe). Preorders are online for both at Amiami, and should be up elsewhere soon. (no more)

Figure News: March ’08 Hobby Japan preview

The March 2008 issue of Hobby Japan magazine will be on store shelves tomorrow (January 25th), but we’ve got an early look at it today courtesy of 2chan’s hobby board. Several interesting items to scoop today, including a castoffable Queen’s Gate Nijihara Ink (of Moetan fame), a look at the next Queen’s Blade character, a Volks PVC series featuring characters from Alice Soft’s upcoming Choukou Sennin Haruka (Beat Blades Haruka), several new PVC items from Griffon, and a bunch of Wonder Festival preview news. And more! Details below:

[ERO] Goods News: Tony-illustrated C73 dakimakura gets mail order release from Toranoana

In a reprise of past events, Toranoana will once again be carrying the Taka Tony-designed hug pillow that he released at Comiket 73. It features a unique (to my knowlege) four-character design layout, two per side, with all original art from the famous doujin artist and designer of Shining Wind, Shining Tears, and several Ciel games. Preorders for the pillowcase will be open from January 25th through February 11th, with the item scheduled to ship in mid-March; it’s 160 x 45 cm in size and retails at 6,300 yen (case only), a good deal cheaper than many similar items, though those looking to purchase from outside Japan will need to use a proxy. Dakimakura images below:

newsbit 0041

figure release schedule updated!

Figure News: January 22 news roundup

No rest for the wicked today as figure news picks up from Wonder Festival and other quarters. Volks represents with a Muv Luv trading figure set, Toy’sworks introduces a new Prism Ark Priecia figure, Shueisha’s Solid Selction ponies up a Hiiragi Aika from Mx0, Taki Corporation tackles Sonsaku Hakufu in an [ERO] castoff version, FREEing brings a mecha action figure + bishoujo combo Sonic Diver Reijin from Sky Girls, and the Goodsmile / Max Factory collective debut their Wonder Festival 2008 Winter limited edition offerings.

[ERO] Game News: HD featured artists on the move! New games from Sano Toshihide, INO, Happoubi Jin (updated)

Word has come in over the past few days that new game projects are in the works from three of the artists featured previously here at HD: Happoubi Jin, Sano Toshihide, and INO. The first news is an update to the G.J? official site, with a teaser page online for the next Sano Toshihide designed game. The teaser page is modeled after a Nico Video entry and doesn’t give away much in terms of content, though this looks to be a lighter-themed title than much of the brand’s recent fare. The page is scheduled for another update on the 25th, and a full scoop will be coming in Dengeki Hime, released on the 30th. News regarding the new INO and Happoubi Jin titles comes from the cover of the March ’08 issue of Tech Gian, set for release tomorrow (January 21st); there’s not much to go on yet, but apparently the INO game is a collaboration with Yukiyoshi, the current sole proprietor of Mu Soft and creator of several very highly successful doujin games. Odds are that the new Happoubi title will be from Crossnet; we’ll bring more detailed info on both titles following the release of the March issue of Tech Gian. Updated with additional information and images from Tech Gian below:

Figure News: Little Busters’ Kurugaya Yuiko from Toy’sworks, Alter and Revoltech at WF 2008 Winter, release delays

Toy’sworks put up a promotional image on their official site today advertising the production of a Kurugaya Yuiko figure from Key’s Little Busters!. She’s scheduled for release in May at 6,800 yen retail and 1/8 scale (12 cm tall). In other figure news, the industry presence at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter is ramping up today with the announcement from Alter of a limited edition white version of their Quiz Magic Academy Sharon figure for sale at the event, and Kaiyodo’s announcement on their Revoltech Blog that they’ll be releasing their Gurren Lagann Revoltech at the event, a whopping three months before its official street date. Finally, word is in from Orchid Seed that their January release lineup (Feane, Al Ajif / Another Blood, and Fumie) has been pushed back to February, and Max Factory’s Onegai Onsen trading figures have been pushed back to February as well. (no more)

[ERO] Game News: 2007 Bishoujo Game Award results published

The 2007 Bishoujo Game Award results are in, and the people have spoken: in the period covered by the poll (September ’06 through August ’07), Pulltop’s Harukani Aogi, Uruwashino (EGS) emerged on top in four categories (BGM, “Pure Love”-type, Scenario, and User’s Choice), sweeping the overall grand prize in the process. Bullet Butlers received honorable mention in the User’s Choice category as well as sharing the Media prize with two other titles, where it’s noted that given its release date the game didn’t get adequate time to be voted on before the voting period was closed. The full list of winners and a description of the voting and selection process follows:

[ERO] Figure News: C-Works’ Bible Black Shiraki Rika up for preorder, POLO System Wendy from Gun x Sword, etc.

Online shop Infinity Wonderland put up a preorder listing yesterday for [ERO] C-Works’ Shiraki Rika PVC from Shin Bible Black vol. 4 (first scooped back in November). This figure continues in the notorious tradition of Imari and Saeki, with a sculpt from Tainidou Tinykid and skirt and chest castoff configuration; it’s scheduled for release in April at 6,825 yen (size details are not disclosed in the listing, but she’s presumably 1/6 scale like her predecessors). In other news, an entry yesterday evening on the Goodsmile blog shows off the flexible shirt gimmick of Max Factory’s POLO System Wendy from Gun x Sword. This makes her a bit more interesting than originally expected… Finally, preorders were up briefly on Goodsmile’s official online shop yesterday evening for their Dark Elf Female PVC from Lineage II. She sold out within a few hours, but hopefully the release of this new batch onto the market will make her a bit easier to come by second-hand. (no more)

Figure News: preorders for Zero no Tsukaima’s Tabitha, an epic Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile, Street Fighter Revoltechs, and etc.

A quick roundup of figure news from the past couple of days, including the announcement of a Zero no Tsukaima Tabitha figure from Kotobukiya, an opulent Valkyrie Profile Lenneth from Square Enix, a line of Street Fighter Revoltech action figures coming from Kaiyodo, and the release of several highly anticipated items including Max Factory’s Mitsumasa-sculpted Ino from Guilty Gear. Read on for more:

[ERO] Game Review: Bullet Butlers

A lizardman, an orc, an elf, and a dragon walk into a bar – and out comes Bullet Butlers, the “guns and magic and butlers and masters fantasy AVG” 2007 blockbuster visual novel from Propeller. After a week stranded in Ocelot City with nothing more than a dirty-talking magnum to keep me company I’ve come away with the impression of a game that’s been largely undersold in Japanese ratings, so this review tries its best, without (many serious) spoilers, to compensate in the most fanboyishly biased way possible. It’s a whirlwind tour through 2000 years of Goltrock history, Dragoneut society, and Ocelot citizenry, so grab your hats and your magic Tuxedos of Butlerdom +10 and come on in!

Doujin Event News: Futaket 4 confirmed for this spring

According to the official site for futanari-themed doujin convention Futaket the date and location for the fourth iteration of the event have been confirmed: Futaket 4 will take place on May 4th, 2008, at the Tokyo Toritsu Sangyou Boueki Center Hamamatsu-cho building. This building is operated by the same management that instituted a reactionary anti-doujin policy last October, so it’s encouraging to see that an arrangement has been reached that will allow the event to go forward. The future of ABC (the event that sparked the furor last fall) is still in question, and given the lingering climate of unease surrounding erotic doujinshi I don’t think this announcement from Futaket can be taken for granted either, but it’s definitely positive news after a solid year of doujin bashing. We’ll be tracking further details on Futaket 4 as they emerge. (no more)

Goods News: Ikkitousen’s Sonsaku Hakufu dakimakura coming from Chara Hai

Via the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute: recently established character goods shop Chara Hai put up a listing yesterday for a Sonsaku Hakufu hug pillow cover from Ikkitousen. The pillow is up for preorder through February 15th with release expected on March 15th, at a 9,450 yen preorder price point (case only). It weighs in at 150 x 50 cm, with original art on both sides;
not much is known about Chara Hai at this point so it’s hard to say whether international retailers will be able to stock this item, but given that the shop seems to otherwise stock items exclusively from Machi Chara it seems there may be an arrangement between the two that might allow for the use of similar distribution channels. Pillow images below:

January 9th-14th Figure News Roundup

A roundup of the figure stuff that happened while I was off in Butlerland over the past week. Includes a new entry in Kotobukiya’s To Heart 2 maid series, preorders for Max Factory’s Kemeko and MM, new items from Musashiya and Taki Corporation, a first color look at [ERO] Goodsmile’s Chu Chu Astram, and more!

Goods News: Zero no Tsukaima Tabitha dakimakura coming from Nijigen Cospa

This in for the 0nT fans: Nijigen Cospa updated over the weekend with a product listing for a Tabitha hug pillow from Zero no Tsukaima. The dakimakura features double-sided original illustrations and is due out in March at 150 x 50 cm and 9,450 yen (case only); in addition to the Cospa listing preorders are up at Amiami, and should be up at Hobby Search and other international dealers soon. Pillow images below: