***December 28th bump*** It’s better late than never to wrangle this sort of thing, so what the heck: if you’re reading this and you’re going to be at the Tokyo Big Sight on Saturday, December 29th, why not stop by the coin lockers near the Big Sight entrance at 3:00 PM? The plan at this point is simply to meet up, exchange a round of introductions, and figure out what to do next (if anything); I’m not going to put in reservations anywhere as I have no clue how many people will show, and I know many of us (myself included) might not want to drop 3,000 yen on food when there’s doujin to be had instead. If you’d like to meet a few fellow Comiketting gaijin though this could be a good chance, and if you’re up for something afterwards I’m sure some of us will be too. Meeting spot details below:

If you’ve never been to the Big Sight it can be a bit confusing to figure out the exact location of the meeting point, but the two images below should hopefully help. The first image shows the outside of the main entrance to the Big Sight (the lettering underlined in red is just above the main doors). If you enter those doors and take an immediate right, you’ll see a bank of coin lockers and some low benches tucked into a sizable space just off the entryway and off the body of the main entrance hall.

The map below has the “main entrance” arrow pointing to the same set of doors depicted in the photo, and the “meeting spot” arrow pointing just to the right of the entrance at the alcove with the coin lockers, benches, and elevator. If that’s at all confusing please let me know and I can try to clarify it for you.

I’ll post again on Friday with final details. Hope to see you there! Oh – and if you do think you’ll try to make it, if you could post to comments here and let me know that would totally rock.