Will come back and brush this up in the evening, but for now here’s the bare details: Update: no time to brush up due to frenzied Comiket preparations this evening, so I’ll just note that Amiami has confirmed the castoff of Orchid Seed’s Tsuzuki Shiori from Witchblade, and that Wafuudou Ganguten’s Gurren Lagann Yoko and Manyuu Chibusa PVCs are now up for preorder. Updates will be a bit thin over the next few days as Comiket is in full swing, but expect a full debriefing (one that does not involve undergarment removal) shortly thereafter!

Now On Sale

  • Griffon’s soft-chested Iroha PVC from Samurai Spirits [Play Asia]
  • [ERO] Griffon’s Ryofu Housen (private ver.) PVC from Ikkitousen [Play Asia]
  • Chara-Ani’s Louise (kneeling ver.) PVC from Zero no Tsukaima [Play Asia] [J-List]
  • Kotobukiya’s Nijihara Ink (TV color version) PVC from Moetan [Play Asia]
  • Kotobukiya’s Pastel Ink (TV color version) PVC from Moetan [Play Asia]
  • [ERO] Toy’sworks’ Aya (red swimsuit ver.) PVC from The Onee Chanbara vorteX [Play Asia] [J-List]
  • [ERO] Toy’sworks’ Aya (black swimsuit limited ver.) PVC from The Onee Chanbara vorteX [Play Asia] [J-List]
  • Wafuudou Ganguten’s Prier PVC from La Pucelle Tactics [Play Asia]
  • [ERO] Kaiyodo’s BOME Collection Vol. 26 Akira PVC (original design) [Play Asia]

New Preorder Listings

  • [ERO] Movic’s Musubi (race queen ver.) PVC from Sekirei [Amiami]

March 31st release, 1/7 scale, 22 cm tall, 6,090 yen, top and bottom castoff

  • Griffon’s Haruhi (gothic lolita ver.) PVC from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu [Amiami]

April release, 1/7 scale, 24.5 cm tall, 7,875 yen

  • Chara-Ani’s Himeko (school swimsuit ver.) PVC from Paniponi Dash! [Amiami]

February release, 1/8 scale, 6,300 yen, SD Becky included

  • Tecmo’s Rio Premium Cold Cast figure vol. 1 from Super Black Jack [Tecmo]

April/May release, 21.5 cm tall, 21,381 yen, sculpt from Hakkai, possibly limited release

  • Kotobukiya’s Sendou Erika PVC from Fortune Arterial [Kotobukiya]

June release, 1/8 scale, 14 cm tall, 6,800 yen, possibly limited release

New Reviews

  • [ERO] Akiba Hobby does Airi and Nix

Et Cetera