A whole lot of figures scheduled to come out in December ’07 were teetering on the brink of January, but look like they’re barely going to squeak in under the wire – a veritable torrent of items is coming our way in the week between Christmas and New Years that promises to make this a holiday season to remember for my threadbare wallet to curse for all eternity. Read on for a selected list:

December 26th

  • Kotobukiya’s Kusugawa Sasara (school swimsuit / maid ver.) from To Heart 2 XRATED [Play Asia]

December 27th

  • Resinya’s Kusugawa Sasara (black dress ver.) from To Heart 2 XRATED [Play Asia]

  • [ERO] Atelier Sai’s Silfietta from Meishoku no Reiki [Play Asia] [J-List]

  • [ERO] Toy’sworks’ Mirim from Crimson Grave [J-List]

December 28th

  • [ERO] Megahouse’s Excellent Model CORE Airi from Queen’s Blade [Play Asia]

  • [ERO] Megahouse’s Excellent Model CORE Nix from Queen’s Blade [Play Asia]

  • Yamato’s Yamashita Shunya designed, Yoshizawa Mitsumasa sculpted Creator’s Labo Ayanami Rei from Evangelion [Play Asia] [J-List]

There’ll be no shortage of figures to review once the new year rolls around; I have a backlog to work through already that includes Daiki’s Mai, Art Storm’s Mizuka, and the Gally action figure… speaking of which, J-List should be posting her later today (finally) and I’ll make a note when she’s available for those who missed out on earlier procurement opportunities.