Word is in from Moeyo that Max Factory’s Shiranui Mai PVC figure from King of Fighters is now in stock once again! If you missed her initial release in August this is your last best chance to pick her up at retail price before she hits the auction block. Play Asia briefly had her in stock but it seems they’ve already sold out… other newly available items can be found below:

Now on sale:

  • [ERO] Orchid Seed’s Seihouin Erika from Miraroma (HD review coming soon)

New Play Asia preorders:

  • [ERO] Alpha Omega’s Shizuka (Hobby Japan limited color ver.) from Queen’s Blade
  • Daiki Kougyou’s Shiranui Mai (black ver.) from King of Fighters
  • [ERO] First Class’s Yuria from Yuria Hyaku-shiki

We also recently updated our figure release schedule with other newly available preorders, as well as a list of bargain sales Play Asia has for some surprisingly nice items.

Ok, that’s enough blatant whoredom from me for awhile. ^^;;