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Anime News: Code Geass Season 2 confirmed for Spring ’08

Via Moon Phase Diary: This month’s edition of Newtype, due out on December 10th, will confirm the speculated airing of the second season of Code Geass TV anime starting in the spring (April) of 2008, according to advance notice obtained by Moon Phase. Recent speculation had it that Geass would be inserted in the break between two half-year seasons of Gundam 00 in the Saturday evening prime time slot on the TBS network, and while we don’t have confirmation of this detail it seems likely to be the case; we’ll bring further information on this development as we obtain it. In other news, the same Moon Phase post reports that Macross F will air next spring as well; seems like an epic science fiction season in the making! Thanks to Rawshark for the tipoff on this. (no more)

Figure News: Max Factory Shiranui Mai November reissue now in stock, etc.

Word is in from Moeyo that Max Factory’s Shiranui Mai PVC figure from King of Fighters is now in stock once again! If you missed her initial release in August this is your last best chance to pick her up at retail price before she hits the auction block. Play Asia briefly had her in stock but it seems they’ve already sold out… other newly available items can be found below:

Artbook Review: UNO! ~ Uno Makoto Artworks

Former god of futanari doujinshi, current god of anime character design Uno Makoto presents his first compiled volume of illustrations in the newly released UNO! artbook. When the news first came to us at the beginning of November I was overjoyed at the prospect of getting a book that would include not only his past material but also work on the currently airing Dragonaut series; with its pretense to comprehensiveness I was hoping that this would be a volume similar in scope to other artbooks we’ve recently reviewed here, but after looking it over I’m sorry to report decidedly mixed results:

Goods News: Sky Girls dakimakura coming from Machi Chara

Via the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute: Word is in from character goods shop Machi Chara that they are producing a pair of hug pillows based on characters from the Sky Girls anime: Sakurano Otoha and Ichijou Eika. Original designs are from Shimada Fumikane, though the pillow artwork is not (possibly from anime character designer Iwakura Kazunori?). Both pillows are double-sided, zipper equipped and made from standard “smooth knit” polyester, and are scheduled for release on January 31st, 2008 at 150 x 50 cm and 10,500 yen retail (pillowcase only). Machi Chara pillows are stocked by several international retailers including Hobby Search, and these should be up for preorder soon; pillow images below: