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Anime News: Moegaku 5 official site online

This one came out of left field: word is in tonight from Moon Phase that Moegaku, the ill-reputed English language learning dating simulation game I found languishing in the bargain bin at Gamers last year for 1050 yen, is receiving an anime adaptation. Dubbed Moegaku 5, according to GA Graphic’s coverage Hirano Aya will star as “the goddess“, mentor of protagonist Tsukishima Moe and interlocutor with the five international bishounen designated to guide her through the world’s various languages. The show will air for 15 minutes every weekday starting on January 14th, with the other 15 minutes of the block occupied by a more traditional live actor language program setting in which Hirano will also be featured as “Aya Onee-san”. I’m not sure what the most surprising element of this news is; the fact that the Moegaku franchise survived the bargain bin, the fact that Hirano Aya is involved, or the fact that they’re trying to teach children five languages simultaneously in half-hour increments. We’ll be keeping an eye on this as the project develops. (no more)

Magazine Review: Megami vol. 92 (January 2008)

I wasn’t able to pick up last month’s issue of Megami soon enough to do a timely review, but we return this month with a look at the latest the bishoujo anime pinup magazine has to offer. As was the case two months ago it seems Megami has once again outshone the competition from Comp Heroines with another great issue! Check it out for particularly delectable offerings from Bamboo Blade, Kodomo no Jikan, Dragonaut, and more.

[ERO] Figure News: Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Blade Shizuka up at Alpha Omega (updated)

With color preproduction images appearing in last month’s Hobby Japan it was only a matter of time before she appeared online in an official capacity, and today is the day: Megahouse x Alter collaboration brand Alpha Omega presents official pages for both the regular edition Excellent Model Core Queen’s Blade EX Koumanin Guntouryou Shizuka and her Hobby Japan limited alternate color counterpart Nukenin version. Designed by artist Eiwa and first appearing in the illustrated sound novel Queen’s Blade Bitoshi Gaiden, this 3D rendition of Shizuka will go on sale in April of next year at 5,775 yen retail and 1/8 scale (22 cm tall). With her up at Alpha Omega’s official site preorders should begin online shortly; a listing for the limited version is already up at Play Asia (though still display only) so it looks like they will be offering it as they have with past HJ-only figures. For a full preview of Shizuka including [ERO] shots check out Hobby Channel‘s coverage. Update: as of this evening she is now available for preorder at Amiami. (no more)

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lifesize Paper Moon figure exhibition opens in Akihabara

Goods News: Vocaloid2 Kagamine Rin gets a twin

Word in today from the official Crypton blog that voice synthesizer software Vocaloid2 #02 Kagamine Rin, voice sampled by Shimoda Asami, will be released as not one but two separate characters in the same package. Rin is being joined by “Len”, her twin brother (?), who is specced for a slightly deeper voice at slower BPM. Release is still scheduled for late December of this year, at a price similar to Miku‘s 15,750 yen retail. Could this gimmick give the pair the boost they need to equal Miku‘s explosive popularity? We’ll keep an eye on this. (no more)

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Vocaloid2 #02 Kagamine Rin gets a twin