Kotobukiya’s Xecty PVC from Shining Wind went on sale recently, and there has been some curiosity regarding her castoff potential. I’m sad to report that like Clalaclan before her Xecty is more a tease job than anything – her shirt is removable, but there’s nothing of interest to be found underneath. This is expressed most eloquently by the following image, mined from 2chan’s mokeiura board:

Heisei Democracy [ERO] Figure News: castoff update - Kotobukiya's Xecty Ein from Shining Wind

The silver lining here is that she’s ripe for modification by capable hands, but you need the time, tools and skill to really do justice to a job like that… As I said in a reply to this post I wish figure makers would stop teasing us and decide for good whether a given figure was to be cast off or not, though I suppose this halfway approach does have its merits as well.