Via the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute: Word is in from 2D goods maker Nijigen Cospa that they’ll be producing a second hug pillowcase featuring Yoko, heroine of Gainax’s Gurren Lagann TV anime (we scooped the first one back in July). This new version features images of her as she appears later in the show, in what Cospa calls her “space look” and her “Yomako” look respectively (wonder where they got the idea for Yomako?). The case is now available for preorder at Cospa, with release scheduled for late January at 150×50 cm and 9,450 yen retail (case only). Picture below:

Heisei Democracy Goods News: Yoko (Space Look x Yomako version) dakimakura cover coming from Cospa

I’m a bit glad I held back on the first Yoko pillow now (though it was really nice too), as this one’s going to be a sure buy… it should be available for international order at the usual suspects soon.