Veteran illustrator Tsukasa Jun updated his official site yesterday with two items of note: first, the news that Megahouse‘s Excellent Model CORE Holstein Hanako-san PVC figure who we’ve been tracking since May is expected to finally see release at the end of November. Secondly (and of much greater interest) is the Hanako-san gallery posted synchronously, which reveals the finished version of what we very strongly suspected and in September confirmed: she’s made for an easy upper body castoff. These two bits of information taken together present a formula for very brisk sales indeed, so if you haven’t placed your preorder yet I’d recommend doing so soon. Via Play Asia, perhaps? *cough cough* Pilfered [ERO] gallery below:

Heisei Democracy [ERO] figure news: Megahouse Excellent Model CORE Holstein Hanako-san ships (to Tsukasa Jun), castoff revealed

It seems cow girls are in season this fall, and I couldn’t be happier. :3

For those on a budget she’s still available for preorder from HLJ and Hobby Search, though a quick search doesn’t turn up any international shops carrying the alternate Guernsey version.