In this post we hit the highlights of several events that went down over the November 3-4 weekend: Dream Party Osaka, the Kansai version of Dream Party Tokyo; Clayz Moe~ro Matsuri, the yearly expo of Clayz figures and work by associated sculptors (blog); Queen’s Coliseum II, the first [ERO] doujin event to take place at the Taitou building in Asakusa following the dropping of the censorship banhammer; and Sukima Festival, a collection of niche themed doujin events that just happened to also include Hatsune Miku and Gurren Lagann.

Clayz Moe~ro Matsuri – November 4th, 2007

The Moe~ro Matsuri, a small figure festival for the sales and display of kits by Clayz brand affiliate sculptors, has been held for the past few years in Akihabara on the fifth floor of the building that also houses Melon Books and the Taito HEY arcade. In addition to the regular display and event limited figure sales, this time Miyakawa Takeshi was there doing a live demonstration of his sculpting craft.

A list of items for sale at the event can be found here, with new releases at the top and reissues at the bottom.

Dream Party Osaka 2007 Fall – November 4th, 2007

Like its Tokyo counterpart the Osaka version of Dream Party also happens twice a year in the spring and fall, and this fall featured some great Rance cosplay (see the bottom of Koji’s Akiba Channel post) as well as a stunning piece of itasha car art featuring Hatsune Miku spinning a leek attached to the rear wiper. For a refresher on what Dream Party is all about check out our event report from last spring’s iteration!

Sukima Festival – November 3rd, 2007

The 2007 Sukima Festival was held at the Plaza PiO event hall in Ota-ku, Tokyo. As the first such event to bear the name it drew together several smaller events (“sukima” can be translated as “niche”) into one larger consolidated space; a bit like a multi genre larger event such as Sunshine Creation, only with circle application handled separately for each genre. There were some worries of difficulties associated with the recent Tokyo Metropolitan Government crackdown on adult material sold in public facilities, but other than requiring attendees to sign a pledge that they were of legal age and blatant signage to that effect on tables selling adult material it seems there wasn’t much regulation in evidence.

Despite being planned as a “niche” festival, two of the mini-events included in the program were Hatsune Miku-only and Gurren Lagann-only events, which vastly outnumbered the other smaller ticket items (such as the bird and winged-character only Haneket and the juices-themed Shirudaku Icchou) in both circle number and attendee volume, with the Miku crowds being described by Akiba Blog as “like those on day 3 of Comiket”.

Queen’s Coliseum II – November 3rd, 2007

It seems that not much coverage of the second iteration of Queen’s Blade only doujin event Queen’s Coliseum II has made it onto the major blogs, and after talking with my friend Animaestro earlier this evening I found out why: there was no one there.

Animaestro himself was in attendance, and he reports that there were less than 100 regular attendees there for the meager two hours the event was open. This was likely due in large part to competition with Sukima Festival, but also due to the chilling effect caused by the news of the Taitou event facility becoming decidedly unfriendly toward adult events.

While there was some sighing among artists present over the increased scrutiny (attendees were carded at the door) and while some had increased the level of censorship in the books they had for sale, according to Animaestro the overall mood was one of shrugging it off and getting on with things, with veteran doujinka noting the cyclical nature of public scrutiny and the inevitability of things quieting down eventually. Reflecting this cautious optimism Queen’s Coliseum III was announced in the event catalog, and is scheduled to take place in Akihabara in early March of ’08.