Word came in last night via the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute that Chara-Ani is producing a hug pillow featuring popular Muv Luv heroine Mitsurugi Meiya. The pillow (both case and pillow included) is scheduled for release on December 16th (Meiya’s birthday!) at 15,000 yen, with dimensions 160 x 50 cm, and featuring original illustrations from Muv Luv character designer Bou. Preorders are open through next March, but to get in on the first batch orders should be placed by November 11th. Pillow cover image below:

Muv Luv's Mitsurugi Meiya hug pillow dakimakura from Chara Ani

Notes: while only this single image is shown in the Chara-Ani listing the product is described as being printed on both sides, which leads me to assume that the other side is [ERO]; this is just a guess, though. Also, those interested in picking this up internationally will probably have to do so via proxy as Chara-Ani goods aren’t distributed for sale beyond their website.