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[ERO] Protoculture News: artist Nakayohi Mogudan opens new official site

Famous for his fantastic renderings of Ayanami Rei as well as his designs for Scrapped Princess and Brave Soul, doujin artist and illustrator Mogudan opened a new official site earlier today. He had closed his old location some time ago and was operating out of a temporary site for the past several months; hopefully the more robust content at the new site means that he’s found a permanent home. Notably lacking at the new site are any references to his Ayanami doujin line (aside from the site address itself), instead his “works” lineup includes illustrations for Toranoana’s recently scooped doujin compilation as well as his eromanga cover work (primarily for Comic Unreal) and Orchid Seed’s Feane PVC figure based on one such illustration. Here’s hoping this new site migration marks a resurgence in productivity for this bastion of iconic 2D erotica, and thanks to Faust for the scoop! (no more)

Figure News: Happinet’s Sugar Mint Complex brand presents Kuu and Setsuna PVCs from Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora

Word is in from Happinet Robin today that they’ll be releasing two new PVC figures from their Sugar Mint Complex brand: Kuu and Setsuna from Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora. Both are 1/8 scale and scheduled for release in December at an as-yet undisclosed price. Sugar Mint’s past track record doesn’t make me too terribly excited about this announcement, but it might be something for fans of the show to look forward to. (no more)