Via Moon Phase Diary, the Integrated Dakimakura Research Institute, and the G’s Magazine official blog: Great news for the [ERO] Sengoku Rance fans! Not only is the game still rated over Fate as most recommended eroge by readers of Tech Gian, word is in from the latest issue of Dragon Age Pure that starting with its next issue (on sale December 20th) a Sengoku Rance comic will be serialized within, penned by none other than up and coming (ero)mangaka Sameda Koban. For those who can’t wait two months for their Sengoku manga fix, the first volume of Dengeki G’s Festival! COMIC will include not only an ero-ero Uesugi Kenshin dakimakura cover but also the beginning of a serialized Rance manga by Naruse Hirofumi. The latter is due out on November 26th, but as of posting I can’t find anywhere that has it up for preorder… We’ll be keeping a close watch on this one. Update follows:

Update: Dengeki G’s Festival! COMIC vol. 1 is now up for preorder from Mangaoh (international shipping available). At 1,800 yen this is likely one of the cheapest hug pillows you’ll ever come by, and it’s erokawaii Uesugi-chan to boot! In other news, word is in from Paradigm that Sengoku Rance is being novelized. It’s like surprise sex in your pocket, or something. Full pillow image below:

Sengoku Rance Uesugi Kenshin dakimakura hug pillow cover coming with Dengeki G's Festival COMIC vol. 1