The official site for the Kodomo no Jikan anime posted an apology yesterday clarifying the chain of events leading up to the show’s broadcast cancellation on the AT-X cable/satellite network. As AT-X had earlier claimed, the network wanted to broadcast the show (in its fully censored version) with an age warning attached. The anime production committee did not agree, citing a desire for the show to reach “the broadest audience possible”, and thus the broadcast was pulled. Earlier the official Kojika anime blog had claimed that the blame for the cancellation lay entirely with the AT-X editorial staff, a claim which was retracted yesterday by erasing of the offending post. Out of sight, out of mind, apparently… at any rate, at present broadcast has been confirmed to continue on both Chiba TV and KBS Kyoto, as well as the upcoming free Biglobe webcast. The future of the controversial show is secure, for now. (no more)