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Figure News: Kotobukiya preorder blitz includes DOAX2, Another Days, Shana, Clannad, D.C.S.S.

The boatload of Kotobukiya figures first presented a week and a half ago at the 2007 Plastic Model / Radicon Show went up for preorder today in one of the brand’s periodic listings blitzes, including Lei Fang from Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (due out in January), Yuzuhara Konomi (maid ver.), Yamada Michiru, and Kousaka Tamaki (maid ver.) from To Heart 2 Another Days (due out in January, January and February respectively), Shana (candy bikini ver.) from Shakugan no Shana II (due out in February), Ibuki Fuuko from Clannad (due out in January), and Shirakawa Kotori (beachside ver.) from D.C.S.S. (due out in January). We’ll be keeping half an eye on the Lei Fang for any surprises… (no more)

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Flash promotion online for Yamato’s [ERO] Dynamite Project Kanu

Goods News: Queen’s Blade 8th round Merona, Claudette combat artbooks go on sale; most [ERO] yet?

Both Akiba Blog and Moeyo! Akibajin Blog are reporting on today’s sale of Merona and Claudette, the two latest entries in the Queen’s Blade combat artbook series, and as usual they just barely skirt the border of all-ages material. As we reported back in August F.S. and Hisayuki Hirokazu reprise their design roles here, with F.S.’s Merona especially eye-catching as a shape shifting ooze creature who takes the form of the other Queen’s Blade protagonists. This release snuck up on me, but I’ll try to get reviews up as soon as I can grab copies for myself… (no more)

[ERO] Anime News: Shin Bible Black final volume to be released on December 25th

The long awaited conclusion to the Bible Black saga is upon us! Amazon’s listing says so, and it fits in with MS Pictures‘ standard release pattern. There is some sort of poetic justice (injustice?) here… Fans of Sei Shoujo not occupied with more wholesome pursuits this holiday season will have plenty to look forward to, what with this and the release of the Discipline eroge on December 18th. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: castoff roundup and speculation

Some bits and pieces gathered from recent updates that don’t really deserve their own posts: Amiami has updated their Gekkou no Carnivale Anna listing with a frontal shot of her castoff that’s quite promising; Hobby Stock’s review of Max’s POLO System Kokonoe Rin shows her in full castoff, though apparently the shirt has to be cut for removal; Amiami has updated their Taki Corp. Komaki Manaka listing with further shots that don’t make her look look any less hideous; speculation mounts on the castoffability of Kotobukiya’s Shining Wind Xecty following an Amiami update (check out that second-to-last shot); Amiami has Tandem Twin’s Doubutsu Nee-chan Momo up for preorder, but still isn’t showing us the goods; Moeyo gives us a shot of Daiki’s Kenshi-san that finally convinced me to preorder; and the release of Daiki’s Sanae has been pushed back to early November. I’m most curious about Xecty at this point, if she’s castoffable we might have a sleeper hit on our hands. (no more)

Anime News: Genshiken 2 OP unveiled, Urushihara Satoshi stars

The second episode of Genshiken 2 aired last night, and unlike the first episode it features the OP animation and opening theme song in all its glory – frankly it’s nothing like what I was expecting, and it blew me away. The entire OP sequence is directed by veteran animator and eromangaka Urushihara Satoshi, and unlike the original Manzo OP which centers around the club enjoying their daily activities this one soars into the realm of otaku myth, transposing characters into the roles of giant robot heroes. The OP theme song itself does the job fine, but what really knocks you off your feet is the animation. I can’t believe they had the budget to do this. It’s not up on YouTube yet, but Nico has it here (registration required); screencap of the Urushihara credit below:

Creator Spotlight: INO

It’s time again for the periodic indulgence in my unhealthy fixation on a particular artist that we call the Creator Spotlight. In this installment we take a look at the work of bishoujo game character designer and illustrator INO, a master of the craft who has been active for more than a decade. Despite an even more mysterious background than that of Sano Toshihide and a personal website not updated since 2003, our stalking efforts persevere – just what is known of this master of light and shadow, bust and hip? Read on! 18+ ONLY, NWS. 02/11/07 Update: Artbook cover image below!