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[ERO] Figure Review: Megahouse Excellent Model CORE Tomoe PVC from Queen’s Blade

Tomoe is one of the earliest Queen’s Blade characters released and has been one of the most enduringly popular, being the subject of the Noto Mamiko-voiced Bitoshi Gaiden vol. 1 artbook / drama CD as well as several doujinshi. With Megahouse’s Queen’s Blade figure line famous for its castoffability a preorder of this item was inevitable; but how does the Excellent Model reputation for quality hold up in the face of her abundant mikoliciousness? Quite well, thankfully.

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 005: Mizugi Kanojo

We take a look today at the first eromanga compilation to be released from the pen of veteran artist Bosshi of doujin circle Askray. While he made a name for himself with work in more maniac themes this book is a straightforward departure from his normal fare, one I would venture to say is palatable across a broad range of tastes, like a delicious cake made of sunshine and happy, smiling girls. In swimsuits. See below for the most persuasive argument to date that the bikini was actually an evolutionary step back from the one piece. 18+ ONLY, NWS.