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Figure Review: Goodsmile’s Shuraki vol. 1 – Mishiro Akatsuki

The cause of preorder frenzy and subsequent despair for those unable to hit the refresh button in the five seconds they were available, the first entry in the much-hyped Shuraki line finally hit store shelves (albeit very briefly) last week. I was able to snag a copy, and I have to say the franchise’s first multimedia figure offering is a very nice item indeed. She’s not without a couple of flaws however, which we’ll address in the review below:

[ERO] Goods News: voice-equipped dakimakura hug pillow up for preorder from Toranoana

From today (October 5th) Toranoana has preorders open for an [ERO] voice-equipped Amami Karin hug pillow from FlyingShine’s Kurai Mirai 4. The pillow features the voice of Kanzaki Kanari (Erogamescape) (Wikipedia) as the game’s heroine, with four different pre-recorded sound clips in a detachable voice box inserted in the case; the case itself is double-sided, 145 cm x 45 cm, and retails at 9,240 yen (case only). Preorders are open through the 14th of this month, with the item expected to ship in mid to late November. Pictures and sample voice clips below:

Newsbit 0003

Latest Marimite novel now on sale

Anime News: Genshiken 2 web radio to start broadcast on October 9th brings us the news that Genshiken 2 web radio will begin streaming on October 9th, coinciding with the TV show‘s terrestrial broadcast. The radio program will be anchored by Hiyama Nobuyuki (Madarame) and Mizuhashi Kaori (Ogiue), who will engage in philosophical discussions that will deepen (or not deepen) their understanding of otaku life. Corners include Mizuhashi’s “Fujoshi no Hanazono”, where she listens to and resolves the concerns of female otaku listeners, and Hiyama’s “Koko ga Hen da yo Ippanjin!”, where otaku turn the tables and point on the bizarre behaviors of “normal people”. The show will be called “Genchoken Otaku na Radio” (Genchoken = Gendai Choukaku Bunka Kenkykuukai, or the society for the study of modern audio culture), and will stream new episodes every Tuesday consistent with the broadcast of the TV show. This is going to be fun… :3 (no more)