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Figure News: Shuraki vol. 1, Nendoroid Yuki N., Nendoroid Yasagure Rin get reissued, Max Factory announces Kanon’s Sawatari Makoto

Big news today from Goodsmile! Word is in that Shuraki vol. 1 Akatsuki Mishiro, Nendoroid Nagato Yuki, and Nendoroid Yasagure Rin will all see reissues in early 2008. In addition, Goodsmile has a listing up for Max Factory‘s Sawatari Makoto PVC figure from Kanon. She’s set to retail in February of next year at 1/8 scale (17.5 cm tall) and 5,800 yen, with a sculpt from Max’s own Koshinuma Masashi. Great news for the Kanon fans, and for those who missed Mishiro and Yuki (HD review) in the first round of preorders! (no more)

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[ERO] Chichinoe +2 gallery updated

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[ERO] Figure Review: Taki Corporation’s Kanu Unchou PVC from Ikkitousen

Taki Corporation is a maker very new to the PVC bishoujo figure business, and this Kanu was definitely a risky purchase in that regard. The prospect of the elusive full castoff proved too seductive to ignore, however, and I succumbed to her scantily-clad lure; in the end I pretty much got what I was expecting, a mediocre production job on a very sexy sculpt (if you ignore the Akagi chin). The lurid details are below:

[ERO] Figure News: Tony-designed Ciel game capsule figure set announced from Millennium

Ciel put a page up on their official site yesterday detailing the release of a Digital Gals Paradise Figure Collection Ciel Limited Collector’s Figure ~Tony Illustration Games~ gashapon set. Entries are from Mitama ~Shinobu~, Sora no Iro Mizu no Iro, Genmukan, After…, and Arcana, plus one secret; they’re due out in December at 500 yen each. As is typical of Millennium offerings the sculpts and paint jobs here look pretty atrocious, but for the price nothing similar really exists. :/ Illustrator Taka Tony’s homepage can be found here. (no more)

Goods News: Shining Wind, Shining Force EXA hug pillows coming from Machi Chara

Shining Wind‘s Xecty Ein and Cyrille from Shining Force EXA are to recieve hug pillows featuring their illustrations, according to the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute. Xecty is 140 x 60 cm while Cyrille is 140 x 45 cm, both are double-sided and expected to retail on November 30th at 10,500 yen. Preorders open at Machi Chara on October 11th, and will probably appear at Hobby Search and other locations shortly thereafter. Most of the illustrations here seem recycled and not particularly fit for pillow use, though the reverse side of Cyrille’s offering certainly has some redeeming qualities… Pictures below: