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Eromanga Toshokan vol. 004: Juicy Fruits

Many HD readers are no doubt familiar with the extreme curves of Kotoyoshi Yumisuke’s manga penmanship, whether it be from his work on the Cool Devices eroanime of the mid nineties or the masterful job done by Icarus Publishing in bringing some of his more recent eromanga to an English readership. Today we take a look at perhaps his most visible volume of eromanga to date (due to its recent Icarus release), Juicy Fruits. Fans of the small-chested, beware… 18+ ONLY, NWS.

[ERO] Game News: G-Collections’ Bazooka Cafe mastered up

Word is in from maker G-Collections that their latest game, Bazooka Cafe, has been completed and sent to the duplicators for mass production. Bazooka Cafe is the English language, uncensored remake of Trabulance’s 2004 Pururun Cafe, featuring art from Sumeragi Kohaku (Erogamescape), famous for his work on TinkerBell’s Hitozuma Kasumi-san among other large-chested titles. It’s one of those games where what you see on the cover is a good representation of what you get; recommended for fans of amply endowed heroines, but not to fans of deep, involved stories or varieties of body types other than sexy. If you’d care to support HD with your purchase the game is still available for preorder (free shipping!) from J-List. (no more)

Figure News: Yamato’s Tandem Twin original Doubutsu Nee-chan Inu Aruma PVC up for preorder

With an official site online last week it was only a matter of time before she went up for preorder, and now here she is: Yamato’s Tandem Twin sculpted Doubutsu Nee-chan Inu Aruma PVC figure is now available at Amiami, Hobby Stock, and presumably other retailers known for their mad updating skills. We can expect to see her at international vendors soon. (no more)