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Anime News: School Days ep. 12 to “air” in private screening

I miss all the interesting news when I go to bed at 8:00 PM… Moon Phase Diary reports (presumably Zepy‘s source as well) that Overflow has announced plans to hold a theatrical screening of episode 12 of School Days at some point this week. How to cut down on the hordes of rabid fans who would thirst to be in attendance? Make the ticket for entry an unopened copy of the game, that’s how. While this is incredibly lame (mostly due to the income-based, undemocratic nature of the selection process, and the fact that it shafts fans who have already bought and played it) I can sympathize with Overflow to a certain extent on this one; it’s an elegant solution from their perspective. Create a naturally limiting sanction on attendance and make a few extra bucks to fund the production of the Nishieda designed TearMail? What cash-strapped maker could refuse… Edit 2: according to Moon Phase Diary this may be much ado about nothing, as it has been confirmed the episode is scheduled to air on satellite channel ATX tomorrow night. Looks like this thing is going to blow over more quickly than aniticipated. (no more)

Figure News: Tony designed, T’s system sculpted E2 cover girl figure up for limited preorder

Bishoujo multimedia magazine E2 released its November issue yesterday, and Moeyo! Akibajin Blog reports that it contains information on acquiring a limited edition T’s System sculpted PVC figure based on an E2 cover illustration by Taka Tony. An unpainted version of the “bloomers girl” figure was on display at Gamers yesterday, which Moeyo also scoops; apparently the only way to obtain her is via mail order from this particular issue of E2 (for 4,800 yen + 500 yen shipping). This one looks so nice it’s a damn shame we won’t see her in wider release… (no more)

Figure News: Yamato’s Tandem Twin original Doubutsu Nee-chan Inu Aruma PVC official site online

Today Yamato put up an official site for the Tandem Twin sculpted Doubutsu Nee-chan Inu Aruma PVC figure, a re-sculpt of the earliest resin kit in his Doubutsu Nee-chan series (for comparison shots of the new and old versions scroll down here). The figure is scheduled for release in December at 7,140 yen retail, at 30 cm tall (1/6 scale?) with display base, whip, and visor included. She looks like a possible candidate for castoffability, but without hard evidence in this regard we’ll be classifying her as non-ero for now. With her posted at Yamato preorders shouldn’t be too far behind… I wonder if they’ll be able to put this out along with Kanu and Rei in December, and if so, what a lot of our wallets will look like in the new year. (no more)