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[ERO] Figure News: castoff Super Black Jack Rio up for preorder from Orchid Seed

In a late afternoon announcement today Amiami posted a preorder listing for an ero-ero Rio (Rio Calendar 2007 ver.) PVC figure from Super Black Jack (a game commonly found at pachinko parlors). In a departure from previous Super Black Jack figures her top appears to be completely castoffable, sure to make this a high-demand item; sculpting duty is from Ranmaru (also responsible for the recently HD reviewed Shingyouji Mao), with production by Orchid Seed. She’s scheduled for release in November at 1/7 scale (19 cm tall) and 6,825 yen retail; as the name suggests she’s based off the cover illustration of the official Rio 2007 Calendar. Update: high resolution pictures below:

Figure News: Gunnm Gaiden manga, Battle Angel Alita action figure up for preorder

A preorder listing is now online at Mangaoh for the much anticipated Gally (Alita) action figure that we’ve been tracking for the past few months. The figure is a limited edition extra to be included with a volume of Battle Angel Alita side story manga dubbed “Gunnm Gaiden”, and according to Mangaoh’s listing it’s set for a December 19th release at a slightly pricey 4,980 yen. I think many will agree that money is no object in this case… Mangaoh accepts international orders, which will be open until October 22nd. (no more)

Anime Review: School Days ep. 12

We all knew it was coming: the splatter-fest to end all splatter-fests, the scene that defines the meaning of yandere. The girl whose mind snaps like a twig under the weight of jealousy, driven mad by a man’s indecisiveness and easy capitulation to the advances of others. This is an episode that redefines the meaning of Japanese animation, and beats Eva, Elfen Leid, Now and Then Here and There, Narutaru, and Ail Maniax in terms of sheer awesome horror. This, my friends, is School Days episode 12.

Manga News: Dengeki Black Maoh official site open, first issue on sale

Mentioned yesterday in the context of a new Queen’s Blade manga, word is in from Moon Phase that an official site is now open for the new MediaWorks quarterly serial magazine Dengeki Black Maoh, the first issue of which also goes on sale today. It’s being billed as “a bit adult, a bit ecchi comic magazine”, and the first issue features the launch of a new HoiHoi-san manga, in addition to a Shakugan no Shana spinoff manga called Shakugan no Shana Eternal Song, a Moetan manga, and the aforementioned Queen’s Blade Struggle. The next issue will be released in December, and is promised to contain further visual novel-based content; it’s unclear at this point where MediaWorks sees this magazine in relation to the other offerings currently in its lineup, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it as a possible contender with periodic releases such as Young Animal Island. (no more)

[ERO] Figure Review: Goodsmile x Sofmap’s Shingyouji Mao PVC from Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl is an unremarkable eroge released by Front Wing in early 2006, and Shingyouji Mao is one of its equally unremarkable heroines. We may never know what possessed Sofmap to front the production of this blatantly cheesecake figure version of her, but in an eternal pursuit of scantily clad PVC we have them to thank for providing an item that if not a monumental landmark is certainly a speed bump on the road to ero-ero figure perfection.