Goodsmile updated their site today with an official page for the Nendoroid Petit Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu #1 trading figure set, and Hobby Stock responded almost immediately with a preorder listing. Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki, Tsuruya-san, and Kyon are represented, each in two pose variations for a total of ten figures in the set plus one secret; the figures are 6.5 cm tall and will retail in November at 500 yen each (or 6,000 yen for a box of 12). Those in search of Haruhi Nendoroid goodness on a budget should be happy with this news, provided they don’t vanish as fast as some of Goodsmile’s other recent offerings… In other Goodsmile news, word is in today that their Melissa Serafi PVC from Waga Mama Cappricio, originally released last August, will be reissued! Those who missed this most flamboyant of castoffs will have a second chance to procure her in December. (no more)