We first reported on Cospa‘s newly launched figure project Resinya back in August, but since then they haven’t announced anything that’s seemed particularly newsworthy – until now. Word is up on the Resinya official site that they’ll be producing a very stylish, black dress-clad Kusugawa Sasara PVC kit from To Heart 2 XRATED! She’s scheduled for a late December release at 1/6 scale (24.5 cm tall), with skirt and bust parts castoffable, a sculpt from Onsen Tengoku and a retail price of 7,800 yen. This looks like the first Sasara kit I’ll be seriously tempted to pick up… we’ll be keeping an eye out for preorders, as usual. Update: she’s now available for preorder at Amiami, complete with image gallery; other places should have her up soon as well. (no more)