We’ve been keeping tabs on the news surrounding Atelier-Sai’s Silfietta PVC figure from Eushully’s Meishoku no Reiki for the past week or so, and the latest word is that she’s now available for preorder on Atsai’s official site. They’re promoting their own preorder for her pretty strongly, but at the bottom of the page they grudgingly admit that she’ll be available via other stores as well so we can expect to see her appear shortly at places that have carried Atsai figures in the past. A quick rundown on the specs again: she’s 1/6 scale, 26 cm tall, comes with everything seen in the pictures, is castoffable, and is scheduled to retail at 8,400 yen (ouch) in December. Atsai has her up for preorder at 20% off, so hopefully places like Hobby Search will take that into consideration when they post their listings. (no more)