Akiba Hobby posted yesterday evening with a review of a PVC sample of Movic’s Sekirei Tsukiumi figure (the same one we’ve been reporting on for a couple of months now). Whether by accident or by design, the bust part of Tora’s sample was left slightly askew in what stands as the clearest evidence yet of her castoff possibility without actually being [ERO]. Those on the preorder fence over this are advised to take action now… In other Sekirei news, Akibajin Blog recently and very definitively confirmed the castoffability of Movic’s upcoming Musubi (race queen ver.) that we scooped at Wonder Festival. Aside from her official Movic preorder page she’s not available anywhere else yet, but we’ll keep you posted. 9/14 Edit: It’s official: Akibajin presents confirmation of the Tsukiumi castoff, both above and below. Matsu is up as well, and she’s looking great! (no more)