Happinet Robin has updated its Chrono Gate PVC figure line with three new entries today: Morita Yukari from Rocket Girls, Hime with Flandre from Kaibutsu Oujo, and Kamura Reiri with Liza Wildman, also from Kaibutsu Oujo. Morita Yukari clocks in at 1/8 scale (17 cm tall) and is scheduled to go on sale in January ’08 at an undisclosed price; Hime with Flandre is non-scale (18 cm tall) and Kamura Reiri with Liza Wildman is non-scale (20 cm tall), both with prices undisclosed and scheduled for a “winter 2008” release. Nothing here that looks very interesting to those not already fans of the respective shows, though Morita Yukari’s space suit is favorably reminiscent of Plug-chan(no more)