Via the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute: character goods shop Machi Chara put preorder listings up yesterday for a pair of ero-ero hug pillows featuring two heroines from Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny: Kanu Unchou and Ryomou Shimei. They’re both double-sided, 140 cm x 60 cm and scheduled to retail on October 26th at 10,500 each (pillowcase only). For those looking to purchase internationally, Hobby Search carries Machi Chara goods and should have listings up shortly. :3 Pictures below:

Machi Chara Ikkitousen Kanu Unchou hug pillow

Machi Chara Ikkitousen Ryomou Shimei hug pillow

Damn it, why am I seriously thinking of ordering both of these? ;_;