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Figure Review: Alter’s Amaha Masane (Witchblade powered up ver.) PVC from Witchblade

As a diehard fan of Uno Makoto’s designs and his recent work on Witchblade in particular I’ve been trying to snap up related figures whenever possible, and with Alter’s reputation for quality their take on heroine Masane’s ultimate Witchblade transformation was too tempting to pass up. How does she rate next to Kotobukiya’s version of the same subject? Not too shabbily at all…

[ERO?] Manga News: Kodomo no Jikan vol. 4 + “uncensored” Kojika OVA on sale tomorrow

In advance of the October airing of the Kodomo no Jikan anime, Akiba Blog and Earl Box have obtained copies of limited edition Kodomo no Jikan manga vol. 4 (on sale tomorrow, September 12th) and are reporting that the attached OVA episode is “uncensored”. Seven Seas‘ rationale for nixing the English manga release becomes more apparent every day… Edit: Moetron has just posted further coverage of the OVA content. Clicking on any of these links at work is not recommended unless you’re prepared for some very uncomfortable questions… (no more)

Goods News: Ikkitousen ero-ero Kanu Unchou and Ryomou Shimei hug pillows up for preorder

Via the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute: character goods shop Machi Chara put preorder listings up yesterday for a pair of ero-ero hug pillows featuring two heroines from Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny: Kanu Unchou and Ryomou Shimei. They’re both double-sided, 140 cm x 60 cm and scheduled to retail on October 26th at 10,500 each (pillowcase only). For those looking to purchase internationally, Hobby Search carries Machi Chara goods and should have listings up shortly. :3 Pictures below: