The official Lucky Star site has taken the wraps off the figure project that’s been in the works for several months now, creating a special page for the purpose. Thus far preorders are available only for Chara-Ani limited edition versions (Nendoroid Konata + petit Akira and Nendoroid Kagami + petit Minoru) as well as limited edition Lucky Star homepage versions; we’ll keep you updated on what are sure to be some highly sought-after items indeed. Update: the official Nendoroid site has been updated with images and specs for the three varieties of limited edition Konata + Akira and Kagami + Minoru sets. The Comptiq versions (available via mail order from October’s issue of Comptiq, November’s edition of Comp Ace, or Comp H’s vol. 6) will come with smiling Konata / dere Kagami faces and cat/bunny ears and tails, the official homepage versions will come with “dadada” Konata face / angry Kagami face and special arm configurations, and the Chara-Ani versions will come with “mokyu” Konata face / smiling Kagami face and a SOS-dan bag and corone (Konata) and a box of Pocky and two pairs of new arm configurations (Kagami). All editions are scheduled for release in January ’08 at 4,000 yen each; still no word on a standard edition release (assuming there will be one). The Akira and Minoru puchi-Nendoroids come (one each) with Konata and Kagami regardless of the version ordered, but they’re unpainted in all configurations, making me wonder if they’ll be sold later as part of a larger painted set. (no more)