Goodsmile has unveiled the first in their lineup of Nendoroid Plus vinyl figures, Deka Necoarc. It’s a super-sized remake of the first Nendoroid ever produced, based on the SD catgirl version of Arcueid who coaches players through the bad ends of Tsukihime, and will be available for purchase tomorrow via Goodsmile’s official online shop as well as at the inaugural iteration of Hobby Complex, a new garage kit and figure convention taking place in Kobe. It’s unknown whether the figure will see a general release beyond these two outlets, so those interested are advised to man their proxy services. She clocks in at 25 cm in height (non scale) and 6,000 yen retail, with further information available at Goodsmile’s official blog. I think it’s safe to say that this is FUCKIN’ GOOD NA FIGURE! (no more)