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[ERO] Figure News: Vispo-sculpted, Kotoyoshi Yumisuke-designed Sanae gets an oppai matsuri blogsplosion

The Daiki Kougyou-produced PVC version of Vispo‘s Sanae garage kit (based on an illustration from Kotoyoshi Yumisuke‘s Shokunyuu 2) was showered with love from the Japanese figure blogs today, as Toranoana‘s in-store display of a prototype revealed that her lower half is castoffable. Other than Ascii‘s coverage we have representation today from Akiba Hobby, Akibajin, and Akiba Blog. Earlier reports documented the malleable bosoms expected to come as an exchangeable part with the kit, and Ascii’s coverage shows us just how far they’ll go…. Preorders for the October-release kit have closed at most Japanese stores, but as of posting HLJ and YesAsia both still have their listings open. Truly an epic figure release in the making… (no more)

Figure News: reissues for Alter’s Escalayer, Goodsmile’s magical girl Rin and hetare Saber; Sol International Kohaku and Akiha up for preorder

Goodsmile and Alter were busy today with rerelease announcements, beginning with Alter’s posting of their Escalayer kit (from Alice Soft’s Beat Angel Escalayer eroge) originally released in May of this year now scheduled for a December reissue. Goodsmile followed with the news that their March ’06 released Rin (magical girl ver.) from Fate / hollow ataraxia will be coming again in November, along with their Nendoroid hetare Saber seeing life again in December. If this wasn’t enough good news for the Type Moon fans, the Megahouse Melty Blood series Kohaku and Akiha kits we scooped a few days ago are now available for preorder, scheduled for December and January releases respectively. (no more)