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Pure Love Renaissance : Comic Market 72

Shipon deals out on his Comiket 72 experience covering sunburn, long lines, cosplay, an HD meetup, record numbers and how a good night’s sleep can make a BIG difference when a 5 hour lineup awaits.

Anime News: upcoming Macross TV series gets an 18 year old “utahime”, new provisional title, staff credits

Saturday evening’s Macross 25th anniversary memorial concert was the stage for the announcement of the new official (yet still provisional) title of this fall’s upcoming Macross TV series, now dubbed Macross F (with the “F” for “frontier”). It also brought the news that heretofore unknown songstress Nakajima Megumi won the utahime talent selection grand prix and will star as the show’s heroine, Ranka Lee (guess as to the romanization of ランカ・リー). The staff list was also padded out, with Kawamori Shouji confirmed as helming the project’s original work, general management, story production and mechanical design. It will be directed by Kikuchi Yasuhito, who also directed Black Heaven / Kacho Ouji (HELL YES) with series organization from Yoshino Hiroyuki and character designs by Ebata Risa (!!) and Takahashi Yuuichi. Anime production is from Satelight. Any show that features Macross mechs, Black Heaven direction and [ERO] Hitozuma Kasumi-san designs has a fair chance of kicking my ass in the best way possible, so we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on it as it develops. :3 (no more)

Event Report: Comic Market 72, day 1

A quick rundown of the first day of Comic Market 72, from one man’s perspective (Shipon will be along later with a bunch of much nicer pictures, including cosplay, so be sure to stop back for that~). Day one verdict: fucking hot, but fun in hindsight.

Anime News (?): Genshiken season 2 spinoff game “Ramen Tenshi Pretty Menma” unveiled

A page went up last Thursday for an (all ages?) adventure game entitled Ramen Tenshi Pretty Menma. It’s apparently being produced in conjunction with the second season of Genshiken, set to air in October; the relationship between the two is at this point unknown, as the game was never mentioned in the original manga; my initial speculation is that it’s not much more than an attempt to leverage the popularity of the Genshiken brand to make a quick buck on an unrelated property (*cough*Kujian TV*cough*) the game is mentioned on page 130 of Genshiken vol. 3 as being the first eroge Sasahara ever played [source]. I wonder if this means it’ll be 18+ after all? Designs are from veteran CG artist Amano Yo~ki, who’s been around for long enough that he certainly could’ve designed Sasahara’s first game… we’ll be keeping a close eye on this and relay further information as it comes to light. (no more)

Pre-Comiket Figure News: Capcom’s Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi Miyu, Shigure kits up for preorder

A couple of bishoujo items from Wonder Festival we neglected to mention made their sudden appearance on Amiami last night – a brace of very attractive figures from manga and anime Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi: heroines Fuurinji Miyu and Kousaka Shigure will be coming in PVC from Capcom in October! Something very similar to that Miyu sculpt has been lurking on the top page of Tandem Twin for several months now, and I’m guessing they’re variations on the same item… regardless, some very happy news for fans of fighting girls indeed. (no more)

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: ero~i PVC news roundup

We wrap up our coverage of Wonder Festival 2007 Summer today (other than the trip report, which may end up coming next week) with a quick look at some of the other PVC releases that we’ll be looking forward to over the coming months. Wondering about that second Musubi from Movic, or what Bome’s next release will be? How about that bizarre new Max Factory Polo System kit? We’ve got you covered.

Site News: Comiket 72 meet up plans – UPDATED

Notice to anyone planning to be at Comiket tomorrow who would like to meet up with a bunch of scurvy gaijin! The initial meeting time and place are set at 3:00 PM in the lobby of the Big Sight (map and further information here), from which we will travel to Akihabara, where I’ve booked a table for twelve (12) at the Ekimae Shirokiya. It’s a typical enkai dinner set, all you can drink for two hours running from 5:00 – 7:00 PM, 3,200 yen a head. If you feel like joining in, either meet us in the Big Sight at 3:00 or respond to this post with your contact info and I’ll get ahold of you about meeting in Akiba. Hope to see you tomorrow! (no more)

[ERO] Goods News: Sano Toshihide artbook coming from Kill Time Communication on August 31st

In the course of browsing the internets this morning I came across an entry on [ERO] Kill Time Communication‘s website that grabbed my attention like a lariat around the neck and made me sit up and take notice in several different ways: it seems they’re putting out a book entitled Sano Toshihide Illustrations at the end of this very month, featuring 96 (full color?) pages and a pinup poster illustrated by none other than my personal deity Sano Toshihide. In the midst of August convention season here this is a bit of news that just couldn’t wait… I can’t say how incredibly awesome this is, especially seeing that it contains work from his entire career, from his work with Ripe all the way through the newest G.J? titles, and seems to have a lot of publicity material that hasn’t been otherwise available before. We’ll be keeping a very close eye on this as further information comes to light. :3 Book cover image below:

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: garage kits galore

Everything that wouldn’t fit elsewhere in our Wonder Festival resin coverage is here, with kits ranging from originals to a wide variety of anime, manga, and game sources (Monster Hunter, Narue no Sekai, Juuden-chan, Ah! My Goddess, Kaibutsu Oujo, Idolmaster, Majipoka, Zero no Tsukaima, Kodomo no Jikan, AIKa 16, Yoake, Paniponi Dash, Range Murata, Venus vs. Virus, My Otome, Tokikake, Xenosaga, Muv Luv, Read or Die, Touhou, Littlewitch, Jigoku Shoujo, Nanoha, Witchblade, Genshiken, Manabi Straight, School Days, Keroro Gunsou, Super Robot Wars, Utawarerumono, Persona 3, Pumpkin Scissors, Ichigo Mashimaro, Fate / stay night, Simoun, Bakuretsu Tenshi, Onegai Teacher, Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei, Card Captor Sakura, Black Lagoon, Ikkitousen, Ouran Host Club, 009-1, and more!). Nothing explicitly ero, though several rather ecchi kits did make the cut; there are 269 pictures total, so please bear with the load time. ^^;;

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Orchid Seed, Yamato, Kotobukiya lineups

We take a look at the lineup of newly and recently announced items from Yamato, Orchid Seed, and Kotobukiya in this segment of our Wonder Festival coverage. Yamato and Orchid both have some [ERO] offerings in evidence, so browsing discretion is advised. :3



Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: garage kits by source

This post contains a bunch of garage kit shots from Wonder Festival broken down by source, including items from Evangelion, various fighting games, Gurren Lagann, Kimikiss, Queen’s Blade, Sengoku Rance, Rozen Maiden, and the To Heart franchises (mostly To Heart 2). Note: while this post is not tagged as [ERO], it does contain a few ero kits.

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Alter / Megahouse lineup

Alter and Megahouse both represented with some delicious items at Wonder Festival, offerings made all the more intriguing due to what seems to be a robust partnership emerging between the two companies spanning several projects over the coming months. Are they positioning themselves to rival the Goodsmile / Max Factory coalition (which Alter left behind only recently)? We’ll be watching… for now, the scoops:

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: [ERO] garage kits

As usual, a considerable segment of the garage kits at this summer’s Wonder Festival were not at all safe for display at the workplace (or in most other locations). What follows is a sample of the new ero-ero resin kits we managed to spot at the event; note that we’re generally trying to avoid repeats from previous events so if something is missing that’s probably why. ^^;;

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Haruhi, Lucky Star garage kits

Haruhi’s not dead! With a second season of TV anime in the works, games for PSP and PS2 on the horizon and the manga and serial novels still running strong it’s no surprise that the Haruhi kit presence remained a potent force at this summer’s Wonder Festival. Lucky Star started its TV run after the circle application deadline was closed for this event so its small footprint is understandable – we can no doubt look forward to a much more substantial presence next winter.

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Goodsmile / Max Factory lineup

The Goodsmile / Max Factory collective was out in force at Wonder Festival, with dozens of past, present and future kit offerings on display. We’ve got a roundup of most of them here, including all of the new figures with officially speculated dates and several that were “display only” – lots of great stuff in the pipeline that it is highly advisable to click upon and peruse at your leisure!

Event Report: Wonder Festival 2007 Summer

Check this post for an updated compendium of all HD news on the topic of garage kit and figure convention Wonder Festival 2007 Summer, as well as the epic saga underlying our coverage of the event (coming soon!). Stuff will be added here regularly over the next several days, so you might want to bookmark this post or leave it open in a Firefox tab or something…

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Code Geass kits

We begin our Wonder Festival garage kit coverage today with a look at the array of Code Geass figures on display at the event. The popularity of the anime at the time circle applications were due last spring, along with Bandai’s relaxed restrictions, resulted in a bumper crop of really nice kits that I’m guessing we’re only going to be seeing more of in the future – great news for all the Geass fans out there.

Pure Love Renaissance : Wonder Festival Summer 2007

After meeting up with random people from both hemispheres in the tremendous line, we were all set to Wanfesu. Shingo and I had agreed on a system – he would stalk the resin and garage kits and I would shoot the new releases. I think I got the better end of the deal.

Wonder Festival Summer 2007: garage kit impressions

A few representative samples from the garage kit (amateur unpainted / unassembled resin cast figure kit) dealers hall at today’s Wonder Festival. Full scoops of Wanfesu garage kits, PVC figures, and cosplay will be coming soon, along with the HD official event report – stay tuned. :3

Figure News: Wonder Festival industry update IV

A few final Wonder Festival industry notes before the big event tomorrow, including Akiyama Koubou’s 1/1 scale Ayanami Rei, the surprise appearance of voice actresses from Kodomo no Jikan and Potemayo, and the world’s first ever tote bag made from a gym uniform. We’ll be bringing you coverage of all the Wanfesu action starting tomorrow night, so be sure to stop by and check it out!

[ERO] Game News: Gegera-designed “Baknyuu Chikan Train” announced

Some exciting news today for old-school fans of the amply endowed 2D chest: veteran CG artist Gegera is on duty for budget eroge maker Pin-Point’s newly unveiled Bakunyuu Chikan Train, a title scheduled for release on September 28th in both download and package versions. As my Gegera fandom is practically synonymous with my interest in 2D ero overall I’m quite happy to see him finally moving beyond the realm of his biannual Comiket CG collection releases into something more substantial; here’s hoping this marks the beginning of a long and successful career in game design. (no more)

[ERO] Figure Review: Kotobukiya’s Plug (insulator suit ver.) PVC from Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!

I’m ordinarily not much of a hinyuu fan, but when this Plug-chan kit appeared on the horizon back in April I was psyched. The second coming of Mahoromatic in an ero-ero vinyl suit – is this really Kotobukiya we’re talking about? Indeed it is, and it seems they’ve gone the rare extra mile to make this a figure to remember.

[ERO] Figure News: cast-off checkup

In the prurient interests of comprehensive figure coverage, some updates on a few of the items we’ve been following here recently: Akiba Blog scoops the castoffability of Megahouse’s soon to be released Queen’s Blade Tomoe figure, albeit the limited color edition. Updated Amiami listings also bring good news, in the form of new shots of Taki Corporation’s ero-ero Kanu Unchou Ikkitousen kit and Movic’s recently announced Sekirei Tsukiumi and Matsu; relevant images reproduced below:

Site News: new poll up, Akihabara Channel and Canned Dogs feeds in sidebar

As the post title says, you’ll notice a few tweaks in the sidebar over the past couple of days. Firstly we’ve got a new poll, asking a very straightforward question: Among the big summer otaku events in Japan, which gets you revved up the most? Comic Market (doujinshi, cosplay), Wonder Festival (garage kits, figures, cosplay), Chara Hobby (Gundam, toys, figures), and the Tokyo Game Show (games, cosplay, September is really part of summer in Japan for reals) are the four contenders. A glance at the sidebar will also reveal the presence of a couple of blog feeds we’ve decided to feature here, from EvoSpace over at Akihabara Channel and Zepy at Canned Dogs, two of the best Japan subculture news blogs RSSing today. We hope you’ll favor them with your patronage! Results of the previous poll can be found below: