Goodsmile updated their product listing page today with two new offerings: the first from Max Factory is the Guilty Gear XX Ino PVC they revealed to be in production at Wonder Festival, based on the iconic Mitsumasa Yoshizawa resin kit from a few years back. She clocks in at 1/7 scale, 26.5 cm tall and a rather pricey 7,200 yen, and is set to hit shelves in December of this year. The second offering is from Solid Theater – the Makimoto Misae PVC we surmised to be in production at the beginning of the month, and was also confirmed at Wonder Festival. She’s coming to us in November via Toda Satoshi (Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku) and the Jingai Makyou novel Fantastique of Nine, with a retail price of 4,980 yen and standing 21 cm tall (non-scale). A couple of very nice items, if I do say so myself… this winter is going to hurt. ;_; We can look for preorders as early as this evening. (no more)