Shipon displays his stealthy cameraphone skillz and shows off some itasha he snapped at Comiket 72 and discovers that it’s not just hardened street racers who moe up their cars. There’s some soccer mums too…

Itasha is written in Japanese as 痛車 or イタ車, which basically reads as ‘hurt car’ (although the second can also mean ‘Italian car’, but anyone who would do this to a Lamborghini…). It’s the Otakuisation of a car by adding decals, stickers, shades & even cramming the car full of character goods and such. In the past I’ve seen such mods as sailor uniform seat covers and the entire cast of To Heart 2 immortalised in gachapon figures across the hood of the car. Here are some photos I snapped off on Day 3 of Comiket 72 this year.

1171064106_255dcf3630.jpg 1171063854_9c4fb99bca.jpg 1171063616_d8b2f506e2.jpg 1171063118_76e03e78c3.jpg 1170206623_97c4c199d4.jpg 1170205617_c4ad94cda7.jpg 1170204909_aa703c1722.jpg 1170205133_f6795006241.jpg 1171062250_2fd954366a1.jpg

BLATANT PLUG : If you missed out on Comiket 72 but want some of the spoils, I bought some doubles of some of the more popular/limited items. They’re up for auction here and contain a number of Lucky Star items (including ‘Bu~bu~Kagabu~’ with pencil board) & the infamous Ero Crown.

Shipon lives in Northern Japan where he is enjoying the withdrawal of summer. He is hunting for a haori with which to fortify himself for winter.