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[ERO] Figure News: Aoshima’s second Funny Knights figure “Cream Corone” PVC up for preorder

The second figure in Aoshima’s Funny Knights lineup is an odd one: the original Modeler T / MAX Yasuhiro collaboration kit Cream Corone. It’s… a NEE-san, coming out of a coroNE. Yep. It’s obvious that this kit was sculpted in the pre-Lucky Star era, otherwise it would’ve been Konata bursting out of a choco corone, but I digress… she’s 19 cm tall (non-scale) and will be released in late October at 5,775 yen retail, and the cream is removable for those interested in such things. (no more)

Figure News: Orchid Seed presents Mogudan-designed Comic Unreal cover girl Onna Kenshi Fiine in PVC

Well, it was bound to happen. Precisely because I bought the resin kit, Orchid Seed turned around and announced at the “WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR Wholesaler & Retailers” expo today the PVCification of their (formerly Wanfesu limited) Onna Kenshi Fiine kit, based on the Mogudan illustrated cover of [ERO] Comic Unreal vol. 6. No release date has been disclosed, but the price has been set at 6,800 yen retail; I paid 9,800 for the (unpainted, unassembled) kit. This is good news, but AARGH. ;_; (no more)

Event News: Genshiken-only doujin convention planned for spring ’08

According to this post by pape over at Emo-teki na Hibi plans are in the works for the first ever Genshiken-only doujin convention! It’s scheduled to take place on May 5th, 2008 at the Taitou Kumin Kaikan building in Asakusa, and while there’s no official event page yet the level of detail in the announcement leads me to believe the space has already been reserved. I’m definitely going to be applying for great justice and OHNO LOVE – but May is so far away… ;_; Thanks to SDS for the heads up! (no more)

Goods News: charting the dakimakura boom

The Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute updated yesterday with a retrospective look at hug pillow presence over the past several Comic Markets, from 66 through the recently concluded C72, complete with graph (the pink line is industry presence, the blue is doujin circle presence). The graph measures the number of discreet units for sale, not the volume sold. According to site maintainer Okayama Ken the near doubling in industry presence is indicative of a rise in entrepreneurial zeal but not a corresponding rise in the quality of goods – in other words there’s a rush to cash in on what many are seeing as easy money, so buyer beware. Still, going by the numbers it’s a good time to be a fan of 2D girls on body-length pillowcases. (no more)