In the course of browsing the internets this morning I came across an entry on [ERO] Kill Time Communication‘s website that grabbed my attention like a lariat around the neck and made me sit up and take notice in several different ways: it seems they’re putting out a book entitled Sano Toshihide Illustrations at the end of this very month, featuring 96 (full color?) pages and a pinup poster illustrated by none other than my personal deity Sano Toshihide. In the midst of August convention season here this is a bit of news that just couldn’t wait… I can’t say how incredibly awesome this is, especially seeing that it contains work from his entire career, from his work with Ripe all the way through the newest G.J? titles, and seems to have a lot of publicity material that hasn’t been otherwise available before. We’ll be keeping a very close eye on this as further information comes to light. :3 Book cover image below:

Sano Toshihide Illustrations artbook coming from Kill Time Communication

In other news, Sano has been updating his website recently with a daily diary and a few new bits of rough art in his gallery. Worth checking out if you haven’t already!