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Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Alter / Megahouse lineup

Alter and Megahouse both represented with some delicious items at Wonder Festival, offerings made all the more intriguing due to what seems to be a robust partnership emerging between the two companies spanning several projects over the coming months. Are they positioning themselves to rival the Goodsmile / Max Factory coalition (which Alter left behind only recently)? We’ll be watching… for now, the scoops:

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: [ERO] garage kits

As usual, a considerable segment of the garage kits at this summer’s Wonder Festival were not at all safe for display at the workplace (or in most other locations). What follows is a sample of the new ero-ero resin kits we managed to spot at the event; note that we’re generally trying to avoid repeats from previous events so if something is missing that’s probably why. ^^;;

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Haruhi, Lucky Star garage kits

Haruhi’s not dead! With a second season of TV anime in the works, games for PSP and PS2 on the horizon and the manga and serial novels still running strong it’s no surprise that the Haruhi kit presence remained a potent force at this summer’s Wonder Festival. Lucky Star started its TV run after the circle application deadline was closed for this event so its small footprint is understandable – we can no doubt look forward to a much more substantial presence next winter.

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Goodsmile / Max Factory lineup

The Goodsmile / Max Factory collective was out in force at Wonder Festival, with dozens of past, present and future kit offerings on display. We’ve got a roundup of most of them here, including all of the new figures with officially speculated dates and several that were “display only” – lots of great stuff in the pipeline that it is highly advisable to click upon and peruse at your leisure!