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Event Report: Wonder Festival 2007 Summer

Check this post for an updated compendium of all HD news on the topic of garage kit and figure convention Wonder Festival 2007 Summer, as well as the epic saga underlying our coverage of the event (coming soon!). Stuff will be added here regularly over the next several days, so you might want to bookmark this post or leave it open in a Firefox tab or something…

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Code Geass kits

We begin our Wonder Festival garage kit coverage today with a look at the array of Code Geass figures on display at the event. The popularity of the anime at the time circle applications were due last spring, along with Bandai’s relaxed restrictions, resulted in a bumper crop of really nice kits that I’m guessing we’re only going to be seeing more of in the future – great news for all the Geass fans out there.

Pure Love Renaissance : Wonder Festival Summer 2007

After meeting up with random people from both hemispheres in the tremendous line, we were all set to Wanfesu. Shingo and I had agreed on a system – he would stalk the resin and garage kits and I would shoot the new releases. I think I got the better end of the deal.